Friday, July 16, 2010


Between the waves and beneath the surface
it is hard to say
Let’s pull anchor and journey
to that place where we will find
sailing ships and grand adventures
traveling to ancient shores
meeting the frontiers of our  mind.
Waves mark time and speak our hearts for us
calling us to greater depths of our being;

there the darkness vanishes,
and  the sun never sets,
where we can begin at the end.
Gracefully gliding along where
the summer sky meets the ocean
With the wind in our sails, 
it is a new day, a new beginning,
 and I find my beautiful spirit once more.

I long to hear the song the sirens sing, 
with melodious delight
the  memories of  lovers 

known and lives touched.
The ancient music soothes my soul,
when I recall the love you gave all, 
how I yearn to begin at the end, 
and do it all over again. 
Have a Joyous Week-end.