Friday, June 24, 2011

Summertime - Every flower has a spirit.

If I had not gone
     in the garden
          I might have
              missed the jewels
                        within my vision
                                      calling me 
                                                 to come closer

     sensuality awakened
            to a strange seduction
                     from the heady fragrance
            by the velvet petals
                  with slender stems 
                          twisting through time,

  moving in a spiral 
         with flame imbued faces
               glowing in a crimsoned sky. 


 Photos 2,3, & 4  From artist Cecelia Webber  who creates flower and butterfly assemblages from hundreds of nude human form photographs. Cecelia’s photographic compositions can take up to two months to produce due to the complexity of finding the right pieces, for more of her art go to her website here:

photo 5 woman with orchids by Anoush Abrar

My favorite Summertime song by Janis Joplin

Friday, June 17, 2011

Unzipped -- Change my day ...

Tickle me quick fill me 
with sensual laughter tickling 
my sense and my senses
slowly sinking me
down to my knees
while I explode with
peals of laughter and
experience  waves of
seemingly irrational elation;
affectionately unpredictable,
sensual evolution & friendly mischief,
play on and color my world today
with plenty of love and laughter..

images via tumblr

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Then and Now

It comes it goes
Like water flowing
Like the wind that blows
Like a leaf but not a leaf
Lies discarded by the road,

Now --
after the morning rain,
what is left? 
But drop after drop 
of parted lover’s tears, 
bitterness dissolved  - 
a strange peace flows through me
Then.. .
I think about the tangle 
of wounded tendrils, the thorns, 
often go unnoticed
until they draw crimson red blood. 
oh the passion and the pain -
the reality behind the lover’s dance
reflected in the mirror world of the water,

Who or what will give me the power 
to transform the mirror into a doorway 
that opens into a pure living intimacy ? 

to turn 

the Now into
a shared timeless happiness 
Not for us now, perhaps never for us
I gaze as if in an eternal trance as
droplets of water 
sprinkled by swaying branches
fall off in perfect elegance
forming hundreds of tiny ringlets 
in the deep dark waters 

White clouds overhead deceives us
with its calm mirror reflection,
the sky has its own threat
hidden behind its delusion
with its soothing  water colors,
lays above our head
with  a scent of uncertainty

we both now realize 
that we had gone too far
to ever find our way back.

photos: fffound 1,2, 8, 9
#3 rodney smith
#4 tumblr underwater ballet
#5 Istanbul underwater hotel
#7 tumblr -Hermes

Monday, June 13, 2011

Writing that Great 21st century novel

"The notes I handle no better 
than many pianists. 
But the pauses between the notes—
ah, that is where the art resides." 
-Artur Schnabel, in Chicago Daily News, June 11, 1958.

French Connection Piano - Spring Summer 2011 
As I think about the pattern and rhythm 
of what I do I realize that I have a
lot of different selves in and out of blogging. 
I just spent the last couple of weeks
writing research papers, -- 
always the scientist, the scholar, 
the rational mind is well connected for me.
  However I also realize there is another dimension to myself that needs expression my feminine side that wants to sing and dance, 
pick flowers and getting around to writing
that great 21st century novel this year. 
Although, I have a confession as I grow--well older
I find that writing long winded research papers,
has sent both my mind and pen wandering 
and saying and writing less then more -- 
in the interlude
I found great freedom in writing poetry.   
photo credits: 1st French Connection spring summer 2011
lady in white hat-rodney smith -
tumblr: lady at window; two roses in book; young woman with tree book; down the rabbit hole;woman in bookcase