Wednesday, July 14, 2010

LIquid Dreams

zena holloway
Enraptured by the night,
I slip beyond my own silence
where my thoughts become 

like water rippling
slowly inward forming a
tender veil of an interwoven existence
and the whole world just fades away.
I become boundless, without weight and
time makes no demands on me.
photographed by Toni Frissell in the June 1, 1941 issue of Vogue.
Before my precious hours slips into dawn
I will walk to the edge of night and 

dive deep down
into the depths of the cosmic ocean.
Boundaries crossing,
I journey to this place that sets me free.

photographed by Toni Frissell in the June 1, 1941 issue of Vogue.
Soul-deep in visions, 
there is a fusion of two realities,
of a deep sensuality and chaotic provocation.
My unconscious mind becomes electrified,
knowing anything is possible when you dream.
Magical waves create a soft, 
warm, gentle embrace.
In this magnificent dreamscape,
there is endless wonders and joy.

Anatoly Beloschin
Shades of green and aqua blue color my world.
It is the dawn of a new world for me,
where dreams that never fold.

As I float free as a child in this cosmic ocean
beneath the power of the moon,
only the waves of time
can know where this journey will end.

When tomorrow comes, I will have to
leave this water world and
will awake to see another sunrise.


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