Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grace Notes-

love letters
 Just when I grow used to clouds,
the sun is shining bright again.
The scent of jasmine is being

carried on a warm summer breeze,
It is enticingly intoxicating.
I take one deep breath after another.
I am filled with exuberant joy.

My thoughts echo about
the chambers of my mind
When that still small voice inside
calls to me to pause and listen.

Barely can my mind distinguish
through the cacophony of voices 
clamoring to be heard that 
encompasses me and saying nothing.

Through the looking glass of my mind,
I long to listen to the silence. 
But it is beyond my own silence 
where I find the simplest of answers.

In the deeper quiet of wordless expression
thoughts fall away like a constant 
shower of scintillating crystal stars.  

A moment of brightness gleams
in the light of recognition, 

google image
My thoughts suddenly
come tumbling out
like grace notes,  
written long ago
to the stranger who was myself.

My memory is sweetly inspired,
but sweetest yet is 
the still small voice within. 
 last photo from Beauty photography Abrah.Anoush

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