Thursday, July 29, 2010

MId -Summer Storm

Blushed cheek children run
to the watered gardens edge.
Playing and laughing feeling so free,

tiny markings of footprints are left in the sand,
mingling with a fragile delicate feather, 
bare tip showing, covered with sand,
not wishing to give way its secret place.

Childrens laughter shout out in chorus
a magical enraptured plea
singing notes of summer's endless 

wonder and joy, such sweet melody’s
on this glorious midsummer's day. 

The hot July day disappears in a flash.
Thunderheads building in the sky

sending children scurrying  back to shore.

The sound of waves crashing 

against the sandy shore  
calling to distract my mind,
gives way to an ancient primordial pull,
somewhere beyond the ocean
the distance is shattered 
charging my body with pulsing electricity,
I hear a sound in the distance, a clap of thunder, 

then lightning, energy abound and unfurled , 
music to my soul, for tranquility I do not seek.
For it is not the easy life I crave, 

ones own music must begin to play  
and lived to the edge of all we can be.

The Rain burst from the sky unleashes its fury 

with the force of arrows shot from a bow.
I use to be afraid but now I understand,
there is beauty in chaos crashing into my dreams.
I totally surrendered
I found myself transported to a place where
I was allowed to play.


photos: voyons_voir_colleen_Yancy_243,Voyons_voir_Elena_Kalis_H20_stories25,
beauty photography Anoush Abrar02
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grace Notes-

love letters
 Just when I grow used to clouds,
the sun is shining bright again.
The scent of jasmine is being

carried on a warm summer breeze,
It is enticingly intoxicating.
I take one deep breath after another.
I am filled with exuberant joy.

My thoughts echo about
the chambers of my mind
When that still small voice inside
calls to me to pause and listen.

Barely can my mind distinguish
through the cacophony of voices 
clamoring to be heard that 
encompasses me and saying nothing.

Through the looking glass of my mind,
I long to listen to the silence. 
But it is beyond my own silence 
where I find the simplest of answers.

In the deeper quiet of wordless expression
thoughts fall away like a constant 
shower of scintillating crystal stars.  

A moment of brightness gleams
in the light of recognition, 

google image
My thoughts suddenly
come tumbling out
like grace notes,  
written long ago
to the stranger who was myself.

My memory is sweetly inspired,
but sweetest yet is 
the still small voice within. 
 last photo from Beauty photography Abrah.Anoush

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Exquisite Joy

Feel the Rain
Taste The Freedom
Liquid Immersion

Rains fall.
leave behind
drops of sensitivity

Dancing unspoiled
Endless Steps
Soggy Wet Feet

  Dance on,  tiny bubbles
  Float in the air
With the aid of  rain
Exquisite Joy follows
Waves of passion on
the Crest of Sensation
 Indescribable Moments
of your life
  Where Joy Reigns
A spirit born 
of earth and water
Dancing moon in clouds
Restless wandering
fly  away 
to lofty dreams
Warm rain fell
all about her
she walked on
Voiceless Expression, 
floating on
Rhythmic Abandon

After the rain falls- ballet
In the dark 
and unknown space 
no longer strangers.
Pieces of old songs
fall like rain
move like notes adrift.
by joanny
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images found on goolge except hat and pens

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dance of Fire - El amor Brujo

El amor brujo a ballet by composer Manuel de Fallaa worthy tale of love, madness and the supernatural, and Saura and Gades' heavily stylized settings work beautifully to create a fantastic tone. ( see below poem for synopsis and you tube fire dance. Hope you take the time to watch them dance it is only 2 minutes, ) Poem created for Poets Rally  link is here: Thursday Poets Rally week 25 - jingle

Ritual Fire Dance
As I lay here on my back in the dark
 with my lover by my side.
Shadows moving across the ceiling
 moments before I drift into the dream of night.
As I slip into this realm, visions come dancing in my head.
I hear your voice call my name, thoughts come 

streaming into my mind
leading me back and forth though time.

Memories of you pierce my heart,
tears come down my cheeks,
wishing I never learned to weep.
As I wake to the morning light,
I see you there in my lovers eyes.
The fire is dancing tonight, lover of my dream time,
take my hand let's dance, cling close to my breast, 

to share in the mystery, of the fire dance.
Tremulous embers glowing, in blue, rose, and gold,
with unquenchable flames of desire.
Gypsies gather round keeping beat,
while the fire rages on.
Feeling the intensity of the heat
imagination running wild, feeling as free as a child.

Lovers Dancing, swirling, spinning,
a fusion of radiant colors, on a phosphorous night,
moving close to the transforming fires.
Hypnotized by the rhythm of the dance,
luring her dream time lover
into the red mist, vanishing him forever.
Carmelo and Candela watch on in raptured bliss,


all images from el amor brujo found on google,, gypsy woman image also found on google


El amor brujo is the story of a young Andalusian gypsy girl called Candela. Candela falls in love with a man called Carmelo, after her unfaithful husband, whom she had been forced to marry, had died. The dead husband's ghost returns to haunt Candela and Carmelo. To rid them of the ghost, all the gypsies make a large circle around their campfire at midnight. In this circle Candela performs the Ritual Fire Dance. This causes the ghost to appear, with whom she then dances. As they whirl around faster and faster, the magic of the fire dance causes the ghost to be drawn into the fire, making it vanish forever.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Actors, Artists, Dancers, Directors, Musicans, Writers and everything in between.

Thanks Ms Socks who kept a close eye on the mouse and the dog while I was gone.
There was a wedding, sailing on the river,  a romance and all sorts of exuberant joy bursting out  all over the place.
Then there was Dick and Lee Saunders 21st annual picnic bash, everyone there was in the industry somehow, actors, singers, musician, costume designers, directors, dancers,,, and of course writers.
Judee Moonbeam a former belly dancer now trained fibre artist and dress designer, wearing one of her own designs.
On the right a voice that rivals Peggy Lee -,the lovely, lively and lascivious blonde powerhouse,  Irene Soderburg, singer, comedienne, actor,writer, costume and jewelry designer wearing some of her own creations.

The food kept coming and the wine and beer kept flowing, the gentleman with the baseball cap on the right is Ron Craig, Exec.Director of  International Film Festival.  A few years ago I was doing some creative projects with documentary film making, but the timing  was off, for I had an elderly parent to care for and therefore I put  my creative endeavors on the back shelf.

 Some of these photo's were taking  rather quickly -more so as an after thought, I was too busy having fun and chatting with everyone. 
Is there a  photography in the house?
Melody Saunders click to see some of her work. 

 Melody is a fine photography, a good friend, and published several books, filled with her beautiful photography, and  one of which A Bone in My Pillow., almost all of the proceeds goes to help abused animals, the rest goes to cover expenses of publishing the book, it was a  labor of love project. Hopefully, sometime in the near future, Melody and I will collaborate on a project together.
Dick Saunders Band--he has been around since the days of the big swing bands and played with some of the best, like Benny Goodman, some of you may recall him.  Dicks music is very versatile. 
He plays  saxophone, clarinet and flute and provided the vocals.

We were not short on entertainment, we had Dixie land , Jazz, the Blues, Flamenco, Opera, European, from Italian, to French, Spanish, and from South America , Peruvian  we were thoroughly covered.
 Sharon Gillenwater she sang "Italian Wedding" song and "La Vie en Rose"  a beautiful soprano voice.
 Justin played on the accordion and did a few solo pieces himself, I honestly believed when I closed my eyes for a moment I was in Venice.
Justin Franzino provided the rich music of his accordion
Ruth she can belt out the blues a beautiful rich tone to her voice, very sultry and smooth like velvet. she doesn't tour with the Big Bands any more, amazing though her voice is still sounding clear and youthful.
Mariano de Orbegoso as you can see from the expression on his face he really feels the music.  
Mariano and Connie are outstanding musicians and performers from Peru,  their music is a fusion of Latin and Jazz.. Photo is from their website
 They did do a Flamenco piece that a friend just wrote the music for and Connie Bieberach sang and danced for us..  Shoes off for dancing on the grass.
Conversation is likely to seem rather eccentric to an outsider  someone would ask or mention a song or say they are working on a new piece and start singing acapella and before you know it others would join in.
It seems that when ever the women hit those high notes, the sheep would chime in.  I guess I forgot to mention they have sheep -  after all we are in the west - 
Off- Broadway has a whole different meaning out here.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lovely Blog Award Plus Sunshine Comments Award

I have taken time off for the week-end so I left Ms. Socks to take care of business.

While I have been gone -- I received these two awards from two sweet blog friends: Dee and Jingle:
Thank You both for thinking of me

Lovely Blog Award Plus Sunshine Comments Award

One Lovely Blog Award

I am suppose to name seven (7) things about myself:
  1. love 2 tango
  2. an artist
  3. a writer
  4. love the theater
  5. a vegan
  6. animal & human rights activist
  7. love the sea

I am also suppose to name ten blog friends that touched my heart in some way:

Robert Cupcake Poetry:
 Tim Keeton    http:// 
Desert Rose
Wild Rose
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Friday, July 16, 2010


Between the waves and beneath the surface
it is hard to say
Let’s pull anchor and journey
to that place where we will find
sailing ships and grand adventures
traveling to ancient shores
meeting the frontiers of our  mind.
Waves mark time and speak our hearts for us
calling us to greater depths of our being;

there the darkness vanishes,
and  the sun never sets,
where we can begin at the end.
Gracefully gliding along where
the summer sky meets the ocean
With the wind in our sails, 
it is a new day, a new beginning,
 and I find my beautiful spirit once more.

I long to hear the song the sirens sing, 
with melodious delight
the  memories of  lovers 

known and lives touched.
The ancient music soothes my soul,
when I recall the love you gave all, 
how I yearn to begin at the end, 
and do it all over again. 
Have a Joyous Week-end.