Saturday, July 3, 2010

Carpe Diem - Pick, girl, the flowers

Javier Vallhonrat German Vogue

"Pick, girl, 
the flowers while
they are still fresh 
and the youth is new, 
remembering that 
the time goes by. "
Decimius Magnus Ausonius (ca. 310–395)
  Enter thy Rose Garden  
 Seize the day
While the Rose blooms
Kissed by morning dew
perfumed sky
petals of love bloom
Swirling, dancing, singing
bees buzzing
intoxicated on nectar
 Sweet scented petals
Lovely thing to see
Fragrance lingers on 

Red Hair in the Sun
Quickens the Heart
At the Sight of You
Filling me with Desire
Fragrant Blossoms
Touched my Soul
Entwined together
in a timeless moment 
of Moonlight Passion 
Come Carpe diem baby
Sweetly Surrender
This moment won't last
Memories of the sweet taste 
 You taunted and teased 
Left me yearning with desire 
 Roses bloom
in the warm sun
Too soon fade away

1st photo by Javier Vallhonrat German Vogue
all other photos by joanny
quote from Decimius Magnus Ausonius (ca. 310–395) 
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