Thursday, July 29, 2010

MId -Summer Storm

Blushed cheek children run
to the watered gardens edge.
Playing and laughing feeling so free,

tiny markings of footprints are left in the sand,
mingling with a fragile delicate feather, 
bare tip showing, covered with sand,
not wishing to give way its secret place.

Childrens laughter shout out in chorus
a magical enraptured plea
singing notes of summer's endless 

wonder and joy, such sweet melody’s
on this glorious midsummer's day. 

The hot July day disappears in a flash.
Thunderheads building in the sky

sending children scurrying  back to shore.

The sound of waves crashing 

against the sandy shore  
calling to distract my mind,
gives way to an ancient primordial pull,
somewhere beyond the ocean
the distance is shattered 
charging my body with pulsing electricity,
I hear a sound in the distance, a clap of thunder, 

then lightning, energy abound and unfurled , 
music to my soul, for tranquility I do not seek.
For it is not the easy life I crave, 

ones own music must begin to play  
and lived to the edge of all we can be.

The Rain burst from the sky unleashes its fury 

with the force of arrows shot from a bow.
I use to be afraid but now I understand,
there is beauty in chaos crashing into my dreams.
I totally surrendered
I found myself transported to a place where
I was allowed to play.


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