Thursday, July 22, 2010

Exquisite Joy

Feel the Rain
Taste The Freedom
Liquid Immersion

Rains fall.
leave behind
drops of sensitivity

Dancing unspoiled
Endless Steps
Soggy Wet Feet

  Dance on,  tiny bubbles
  Float in the air
With the aid of  rain
Exquisite Joy follows
Waves of passion on
the Crest of Sensation
 Indescribable Moments
of your life
  Where Joy Reigns
A spirit born 
of earth and water
Dancing moon in clouds
Restless wandering
fly  away 
to lofty dreams
Warm rain fell
all about her
she walked on
Voiceless Expression, 
floating on
Rhythmic Abandon

After the rain falls- ballet
In the dark 
and unknown space 
no longer strangers.
Pieces of old songs
fall like rain
move like notes adrift.
by joanny
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images found on goolge except hat and pens