Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dance of Fire - El amor Brujo

El amor brujo a ballet by composer Manuel de Fallaa worthy tale of love, madness and the supernatural, and Saura and Gades' heavily stylized settings work beautifully to create a fantastic tone. ( see below poem for synopsis and you tube fire dance. Hope you take the time to watch them dance it is only 2 minutes, ) Poem created for Poets Rally  link is here: Thursday Poets Rally week 25 - jingle

Ritual Fire Dance
As I lay here on my back in the dark
 with my lover by my side.
Shadows moving across the ceiling
 moments before I drift into the dream of night.
As I slip into this realm, visions come dancing in my head.
I hear your voice call my name, thoughts come 

streaming into my mind
leading me back and forth though time.

Memories of you pierce my heart,
tears come down my cheeks,
wishing I never learned to weep.
As I wake to the morning light,
I see you there in my lovers eyes.
The fire is dancing tonight, lover of my dream time,
take my hand let's dance, cling close to my breast, 

to share in the mystery, of the fire dance.
Tremulous embers glowing, in blue, rose, and gold,
with unquenchable flames of desire.
Gypsies gather round keeping beat,
while the fire rages on.
Feeling the intensity of the heat
imagination running wild, feeling as free as a child.

Lovers Dancing, swirling, spinning,
a fusion of radiant colors, on a phosphorous night,
moving close to the transforming fires.
Hypnotized by the rhythm of the dance,
luring her dream time lover
into the red mist, vanishing him forever.
Carmelo and Candela watch on in raptured bliss,


all images from el amor brujo found on google,, gypsy woman image also found on google


El amor brujo is the story of a young Andalusian gypsy girl called Candela. Candela falls in love with a man called Carmelo, after her unfaithful husband, whom she had been forced to marry, had died. The dead husband's ghost returns to haunt Candela and Carmelo. To rid them of the ghost, all the gypsies make a large circle around their campfire at midnight. In this circle Candela performs the Ritual Fire Dance. This causes the ghost to appear, with whom she then dances. As they whirl around faster and faster, the magic of the fire dance causes the ghost to be drawn into the fire, making it vanish forever.