Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let Dreams Take Flight

Entry for Jingles Thursdays Poet Rally Week 24) 
A soft summer breeze gently 
lifts my bedroom curtain up
and I see the rising moon 
sending moonbeams flowing
like a wave across my bedroom floor
and the breath of roses 
comes along for the ride.

Bodies stirring in the soft moonlight
My thoughts are only on you my love
As you lay here beside me.
Your body pressed to mine.

Tomorrow we will be separated
as you go back to your world
and I go back to mine.

Lost to each other for tonight,
we let dreams take flight 
As you whisper my name
our two hearts entwine,
you holding me holding you
with tender touches and soft kisses
our spirits soars to 
that sweet edge of desire
me and my loving man.