Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let Dreams Take Flight

Entry for Jingles Thursdays Poet Rally Week 24) 
A soft summer breeze gently 
lifts my bedroom curtain up
and I see the rising moon 
sending moonbeams flowing
like a wave across my bedroom floor
and the breath of roses 
comes along for the ride.

Bodies stirring in the soft moonlight
My thoughts are only on you my love
As you lay here beside me.
Your body pressed to mine.

Tomorrow we will be separated
as you go back to your world
and I go back to mine.

Lost to each other for tonight,
we let dreams take flight 
As you whisper my name
our two hearts entwine,
you holding me holding you
with tender touches and soft kisses
our spirits soars to 
that sweet edge of desire
me and my loving man.



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  2. lovely,
    sad that the moment won't last long.

  3. It makes me want to know so much more about the 2 people. beautifully constructed too.

  4. Enjoyed the flowing romantic lines. Well done

  5. That's what time a jiffy everything is gone! Lovely and professional write-up!

    Big ups!!!

    I'm from Jingle's rally, you'll love this:

  6. A beautiful moment rendered lovingly for your readers, somewhere between the sweet embrace of love and the "sweet sorrow" of parting. I especially like the line "the breath of roses comes along for the ride". Nice touch.

  7. aawww...that was beautiful :D
    let your dreams take flight and soar higher :)
    i loved it completely

    here from Jingle's Rally
    you can check my poem at

  8. nyc words but dreams dont take flights

  9. Beautiful poem, Joanny... wondrously sensual and so passionately romantic, this was a joy to read :)

  10. there's always a mixed feeling of bitterness and sweetness knowing that certain moments won't last... but i think it's the anticipation for the next moment to come that makes every second in between worth the experience... :)

  11. So romantic, yet so real..lovely..thanks!

  12. a beautiful night...if only for tonight...nicely painted for us...

  13. Lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  14. I really liked this! It was simple in style but profound in message. Great job!

  15. Engaging everyone of our senses...
    This work, Ms Joanny, makes us yearn to hold the moment...
    Simply hold the moment...!

  16. So much passion, I loved the feeling of this poem. Wonderful work:)

  17. wow i'm lost in picturing what u wrote...wonderful poem:)

  18. I love the little visual at the end about living, dreaming and loving. That would make a great print :)

  19. beautiful and romantic, simply eloquent.

  20. I love the scene of the breeze lifting the curtain and exposing the is a beautiful picture.

    The line where you said "you holding me holding you" was the punchline to me...well written.

    Cheers, my friend.

  21. you already nominated Ibok at my blogger account the other day, no worry.
    relax and have fun!

  22. So romantic, sad and fleeting. The fact that this is the night before a departure makes it all the more beautiful.

  23. "you holding me holding you"


    Rhyme on!

    Tim Keeton
    (Undead)Poet / Wizard / Teller-of-tales

  24. That was ... well.. REAL!!! A beautiful poem with sweet words and a lovely flow to it...
    Keep up the awesomeness, and have a superb weekend!!

  25. this is beautiful! i had that same moment and felt exactly the way you described it here. :)

  26. letting you know I am getting your poem to my file so that it appears on Promising Poets Parking Lot...

    I will post text only, and with your blog name, general blog link included.
    Thank you for the contribution!

  27. Such a sweet and beautiful poem...i love the images ur words conjure up:)

  28. Joanny, that's a really naughty moon. :)

    beautiful... :)

  29. Very beautiful an poignant. I could see the imagery as I read your poem. Well done.

  30. two lovers with different world, clung to each other for the rest of the night... lovely :)

  31. Such a beautiful, moving, and romantic poem. Well done!

  32. This is beautiful and struck home for me. I'm sure many can identify. My husband is currently deployed and I've had many dreams where I felt he was there and then went 'back to his world'.

  33. Great imagery and very touching.

  34. And in a moment I lost a breath to your lovely sway of moon beams across the floor, for the beauty of such an embrace is ever pure.

  35. lovely. Beautiful moment captured.

  36. Very nice poetical description.
    I like the expression, "our spirits soar to the sweet edge of desire.."
    Lovely poem.

  37. my dreams do take flight!