Wednesday, July 14, 2010

LIquid Dreams

zena holloway
Enraptured by the night,
I slip beyond my own silence
where my thoughts become 

like water rippling
slowly inward forming a
tender veil of an interwoven existence
and the whole world just fades away.
I become boundless, without weight and
time makes no demands on me.
photographed by Toni Frissell in the June 1, 1941 issue of Vogue.
Before my precious hours slips into dawn
I will walk to the edge of night and 

dive deep down
into the depths of the cosmic ocean.
Boundaries crossing,
I journey to this place that sets me free.

photographed by Toni Frissell in the June 1, 1941 issue of Vogue.
Soul-deep in visions, 
there is a fusion of two realities,
of a deep sensuality and chaotic provocation.
My unconscious mind becomes electrified,
knowing anything is possible when you dream.
Magical waves create a soft, 
warm, gentle embrace.
In this magnificent dreamscape,
there is endless wonders and joy.

Anatoly Beloschin
Shades of green and aqua blue color my world.
It is the dawn of a new world for me,
where dreams that never fold.

As I float free as a child in this cosmic ocean
beneath the power of the moon,
only the waves of time
can know where this journey will end.

When tomorrow comes, I will have to
leave this water world and
will awake to see another sunrise.


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  1. wow...i am proud to be the first to comment on this...a masterpiece..thanks for sharing..cheers Pete

  2. Beautiful imagery. Full of mysticism.

  3. Marvelous poetry. So glad you brought this one to my attention after I mistakenly commented on the other Cheers, Joanny. Lyrically and visually amazing.

  4. wow. beautiful and ethereal...swimming on oceans of dreams, until the sunrise. masterfully played joanny...thanks for linking up to oneshot!

  5. Love the visit to this Dream world you captured so well - Bravo, cheers and let me know when the coffee table book is published - so I can view the beauty of your work all day...bkm

  6. What a fluid beauty this piece is..thanks for sharing!

  7. whew. when i read this awesome work i feel so buoyant and so free!! i can't begin to grasp the ability you possess that can cause someone like me to be loosed from my leaden feet, my earth bound imagination! joanny, you are incredible!

  8. Wow...beautiful Joanny! I've been craving a body of water...its cool fingers slipping through my the memories of turning from the bottom to see the distant world above the surface. Wonderful images and poetry. The next best thing, thank you! XO Trish

  9. How alluring a thought, kept me awake at half past two in the night. Please have a great Thursday.

    daily athens

  10. Lyrical beauty - truly poetic.
    I love water so I was carried away

    Thank you for joining us at One Shot Wednesday what an honor to have your work here

  11. Joanny your images are just too beautiful and the whole first and second paragraphs take me to such wonderful places. I hate time and to be somewhere where it comes to a standstill is bliss for me. Such beautiful dreams. Thanks for taking us along your fantastical magical journey~

    Wild Rose~

  12. A journey to depths unknown
    yet in peace you sleep.

  13. Your words with these images conjure the mystery of life, the inner gyre, where we can live, if we work at seeing it and feeling it.

  14. Anything can happen in that awe inspiring time of dreaming. What a beautiful portrayal that resonates and flows with clarity and elegance.

  15. I love the way that images and words wrap together in this. Also the rhythm of the text flows, pulling us through the poem, linking sound and sense. Thanks for this. - Bill

  16. What amazing pictures to accompany your magical words!

  17. Oh dear, now I want to go back to bed and sink into delicious dreams!

    You've chosen the most marvelous illustrations (1941 Vogue?!?) to intersperse with your dreamy words.

    Thanks, Joany, for your kind visit and comment at my Word Garden. :-)

  18. I love the combination of these beautiful images with your beautiful and evocative verse.

    Thanks for visiting my site as well.

    Rhyme on!

    Tim Keeton
    (Undead)Poet / Wizard / Teller-of-tales

  19. breathtaking beautiful... great work... and pictures...

  20. Your combination of words and images - makes my dream world totally boring! :)

    Rich and ethereal, I loved my visit to your water world.

  21. WOW Joanny..i loved took my breath away with every line,image and you picked me back at the end..full and speechless! very very well glad you shared this one! will certainly be a regular from now on..:)


  22. What a magnificent combination of images and words. You have a wonderful talent.

  23. What beautiful images!
    Why am I stalling going to the pool...
    I'm off right now!!
    Carolg :)

  24. Oh wow... this is a true dreamscape right here! Beautiful, Joanny, just beautiful!

  25. dynamic and fun post.
    you are so very sweet on my latest post.
    thank you for the kindness.

  26. beauty beyond words :) kudos to you for searching such amazing pics to add to my imagination :)

  27. I saw your second comment joanny and i do not know still why isn't it published eventho i accepted it twice! that is really so weird..i am very much confused,but i have to thank you for your amazing words,coming out of your heart they reached mine ..lots of love back at you dear so happy to have you around always :)

  28. Beautiful images for a beautiful poem! Great morning read!

  29. "Soul deep in visions, there is a fusion between two realities is my favorite line" I can really identify with this post because I have such vivid dreams...always have, and I remember them! My husband can never remember his, or that much detail about them. Sometimes I could swear I've been to another world...

  30. i love this joanny! it's so good to meet you. i hope you can link up with my art community next thursday... you have so much talent. xo

  31. Thats soo amazing! Beautiful.


    two awards,
    Happy Saturday!

  33. Amazing..thx
    I am surprised so many wonderful nature we have on earth,
    but the war yet continued around us ..