Monday, July 19, 2010

Actors, Artists, Dancers, Directors, Musicans, Writers and everything in between.

Thanks Ms Socks who kept a close eye on the mouse and the dog while I was gone.
There was a wedding, sailing on the river,  a romance and all sorts of exuberant joy bursting out  all over the place.
Then there was Dick and Lee Saunders 21st annual picnic bash, everyone there was in the industry somehow, actors, singers, musician, costume designers, directors, dancers,,, and of course writers.
Judee Moonbeam a former belly dancer now trained fibre artist and dress designer, wearing one of her own designs.
On the right a voice that rivals Peggy Lee -,the lovely, lively and lascivious blonde powerhouse,  Irene Soderburg, singer, comedienne, actor,writer, costume and jewelry designer wearing some of her own creations.

The food kept coming and the wine and beer kept flowing, the gentleman with the baseball cap on the right is Ron Craig, Exec.Director of  International Film Festival.  A few years ago I was doing some creative projects with documentary film making, but the timing  was off, for I had an elderly parent to care for and therefore I put  my creative endeavors on the back shelf.

 Some of these photo's were taking  rather quickly -more so as an after thought, I was too busy having fun and chatting with everyone. 
Is there a  photography in the house?
Melody Saunders click to see some of her work. 

 Melody is a fine photography, a good friend, and published several books, filled with her beautiful photography, and  one of which A Bone in My Pillow., almost all of the proceeds goes to help abused animals, the rest goes to cover expenses of publishing the book, it was a  labor of love project. Hopefully, sometime in the near future, Melody and I will collaborate on a project together.
Dick Saunders Band--he has been around since the days of the big swing bands and played with some of the best, like Benny Goodman, some of you may recall him.  Dicks music is very versatile. 
He plays  saxophone, clarinet and flute and provided the vocals.

We were not short on entertainment, we had Dixie land , Jazz, the Blues, Flamenco, Opera, European, from Italian, to French, Spanish, and from South America , Peruvian  we were thoroughly covered.
 Sharon Gillenwater she sang "Italian Wedding" song and "La Vie en Rose"  a beautiful soprano voice.
 Justin played on the accordion and did a few solo pieces himself, I honestly believed when I closed my eyes for a moment I was in Venice.
Justin Franzino provided the rich music of his accordion
Ruth she can belt out the blues a beautiful rich tone to her voice, very sultry and smooth like velvet. she doesn't tour with the Big Bands any more, amazing though her voice is still sounding clear and youthful.
Mariano de Orbegoso as you can see from the expression on his face he really feels the music.  
Mariano and Connie are outstanding musicians and performers from Peru,  their music is a fusion of Latin and Jazz.. Photo is from their website
 They did do a Flamenco piece that a friend just wrote the music for and Connie Bieberach sang and danced for us..  Shoes off for dancing on the grass.
Conversation is likely to seem rather eccentric to an outsider  someone would ask or mention a song or say they are working on a new piece and start singing acapella and before you know it others would join in.
It seems that when ever the women hit those high notes, the sheep would chime in.  I guess I forgot to mention they have sheep -  after all we are in the west - 
Off- Broadway has a whole different meaning out here.


  1. Looks like a great time! :-)

  2. It seems like a grand ol' time was had by all! Must be wonderful to be part of a thriving creative community such as this one, Joanny! :)

  3. Lucky you, I am so bored and my foot is still killing me." There's no business like showbiz." They are such fun, fun people. I am so interested in the fact you may do a book. Awesome. Stay cool lovely Lady... yvonne

  4. Looks like a great time was had by all


  5. Joanny you had lost of fun i see..looks like a blast :)

  6. Just want to congratulate you on winning the JUNE award. You Rock! x

  7. Wow, it all sounds pretty glamorous and fun. I just wanted to let you know that I have left a little something for you at my blog just in recognition of your awesome poetry that I have read here so often

  8. HI Joanny, thanks for your lovely thoughtful kind wonderful words!!! Always love reading your comments. Looks like you are having good times of your own. Carla x

  9. What an event!! Looks like a really fun time :)

    Have a beautiful day, sweetie!

  10. what a fantastic day, filled with with the most beautiful array of talented people. your photographs made this so much more touchable, putting faces to the ones you admired! this had to be one awesome day for you, joanny!!

  11. Looks like so much fun. It must be wonderful to be a part of all the celebration. Nice pictures...:)

  12. oh, what a grand event! i love how you described it... such lyrical language. and i would LOVE if you partook in Imperfect Prose Thursdays! here is the link for the button, dear friend: love and peace to you...

  13. Good times = great memories! It was a wonderful recap, thanks for sharing :)

  14. outstanding job this week,
    Pamela nominated you for week 26 perfect poet award,
    thus letting you know that you will get it next time.
    Keep up the excellence,

  15. Wow! Looks like you were a bust lady having a good time. Wonderfu! Love your cat!