Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Never ask a Caterpillar for advice... or me...

Caterpillar: Ah, Alice, you've returned...

Caterpillar: Become whole again. I need to rest. 
You need to regain your human size. 
Grow up, Alice. Embrace the truth.

I was having what I thought a pleasant conversation with a friend,when in mid-sentence her demeanor changed -- she leaned into the table and her voice lowering -- "have a question to ask you?"  "I need your opinion - on an very important matter?"

This was not an encouraging opening for a conversation. -- I hardly know, what to respond to my dear friend with a great deal of trepidation --- 
"Oh says, I ?" thinking she knows  better then to ask me for my advice..
I try to relax and appear interested for her but my mind was racing thinking other thoughts -- more specifically on how to avoid this  conversation.  
My partner and I have lost touch with one another,  you know the kind I mean..Just vulgar politeness between us.

Sliding on slopes of love
All that is real 
Is rustling  with passion

My man lost that loving feeling between us. Now what shall I do?


Each day is a gift
                                                                                                honor it 
                                                                                                             live fully in the moment

My love has found another much younger than I.  How do I compete with that?

Bubbles passing by... 

                                                                                                        Pop! one, two, three...

                                                                                                             C'est la vie, mon amour.

Do you think I should buy a sexy dress?  

Laughing and dancing
With no music
In a watered colored sky!

Friend : 
Do you think he will come back to me?

The Ecstasy of him
lying beside me

Now just one.

 How do you mend a broken heart?

Chocolate covered lips
Dripping chins
with fudge surprise

How do I get over him?

 Dagonfly lands on me
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    a soundless whisper 
                                                                                                                               dare to dance

                                                                                                                                                Friend:Thank you dear friend that was  helpful --- now do you think I should buy that new sexy dress

Me: No   ---you haven't heard a word I said -- go now and ....

Pick strawberries
                                                                                                          while naked
                                                                                                                    in the pouring rain

She walked alone
                                                                                                                      on a fragrant path
                                                                                                                       under a perfumed sky


- Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland- 
caterpillar quote from Alice  (2000) (VG)
Alice in Wonderland” is a photo set taken 
by photographer Annie Leibovitz, 
for Vogue Magazine back in December 2003
2 women in hats ru_glamour
lady in black Vogue US, 1970
Photographer: Richard Avedon
2nd lady in black
Tiiu Kuik by Alexander Neumann for Harper's Bazaar Mexico June 2010

 Red umbrella couple and  red umbrella woman google images
 woman dancing with bird from country french antiques blog
2 bed scenes and the woman with the tree shadow from


  1. this is so very creative and loving,
    what brave and compelling post...
    enjoy every single words of it.

  2. You peer in...
    you peer beyond...
    you speak...
    you speak in song...
    this is what draws me to your work, dear Joanny!

  3. thank you Jingle for your kind thoughts and musing on my follies. Joanny

  4. Dearest Muse:

    I can never fool you -- you see right into my soul --- Yes I speak in song -- and always in my musings, I draw on my real experiences from all around me.


  5. What a beautiful post. I love how the pictures gave us a visual picture of your already painted picture of words. Superb.

  6. Lordemmanuel:

    You are too kind, dear friend. I am blushing.


  7. This was beautiful and very creative. Loved the way this post was presented. Great pictures...:)

  8. Excellent series of meaning and image. Enjoyed the post very much. thanks


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  10. I love all the images to aid my imagination.

  11. Joanny, that was cool. What an interesting tangential way to take me dreamlike to somewhere beyond the mundane. The pictures and words entwine beautifully.

  12. wow. think i am going to go pick strawberries now...what a wonderfully creative post...i hope she gets it. smiles.

  13. Thanks Brian

    I will have another chat with her but you know how the "heart wants what the heart wants"

    now off to pick some strawberries. finally some warm weather here 98 degrees.


  14. Conversation IS an ART and you just proved it here :)

  15. Thank you dear Ms Style Attic, now that is a fine compliment coming from one who is very creative herself.


  16. Wonderful post Joanny, read it all and -- well thought that caterpiller had something to do with Alice....Oh how I love Alice...your posts and writing would make a wonderful table book with all the lovely pic's bkm

  17. Hey you cleaver girl. Love the poem and your wonderful photo editing. Great pics, you have some of my favourites there. Thanks Carla

  18. thanks for visiting oneshot as well...hope you do get a chance to join in. you would be a marvelous addition.

  19. With way too many memories, this entry was surely able to leave me a bit breathless, as it can as well be the other way round - leaving me in the only hope, that love might be strong enough to return...surely able to move much...getting a bit lost now, have to thank you though. Please have a great start into the weekend.

    daily athens

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    Mama Hen

  21. A lovely post! Thanks for finding me through Friday Follow. I'm one of your newest converts.

  22. Thanks for the follow! I am following right back! Look forward to reading your blog!

  23. Everything clever and witty has already been said about this post, so I'll just say BRAVO! Pam @ Sallygoodin

  24. Following back; lovely art :)

  25. Lovely to read, and hope your friend bounces back from a broken heart!

    Thanks for visiting. Following you back! :)


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    short stories,

    thank you.

  27. Really wonderful post Joanny and it made me think of my toffee and ice-cream swirl post as well. The imagery is perfect and i loved it so much. I hope i will be seeing you more at my sanctuary and thank you again.

  28. loved that read created a story that flowed with passion,symbols and images,simply touching the heart..i so enjoyed the read..:) BRAVO!

  29. Oh wow! You actually gave advice without giving it, if you know what I mean. Beautifully expressed! :)

  30. Very engaging. I love the flow and contrast. Solid and beautiful. - Bill