Sunday, July 11, 2010

(Aφροδίτη ) Aphrodite - Eclipsed

Venus, by Henri Pierre Picou.

On a golden summer day a female form, 
rose high out of the sea.
Pearls of glistening morning dew
caught in sea spray hung from her tresses. 
She laughingly whispers a promise to ascend to Olympus in the gold morning sky.
the girl from atlantis  Photos via Voyons Voir.
Like  a divine symphony
the song of sirens haunting melodies,
resonate through the sultry sea breeze,
singing  a sweet song of the beauty  
of the High Tempestuous of Love 
who was born from the foam of the sea,
named Aphrodite.

 The Pearls of Aphrodite, by Herbert Draper.
 As the Emerging beauty 
from the passionate sea,
steps on to the shore she is
surrounded by a sensuous mist that dissolves

into a nebulous haze
scenting the air with a
fusion of love, beauty and passion,
this chrysalis moment.

 She is the essence 
of the perfect goddess,
creamy skin, and glistening
silky long flowing hair. 

the girl from atlantis  Photos via Voyons Voir.
 The Horae cloth her  
in golden robes and jewels
and bedeck her golden hair
with a crown of gold refinement.

the girl from atlantis  Photos via Voyons Voir.
                                                                                                       Transcending metamorphosis,
Aphrodite was ready and willing
to be ravishing and fulfilling, 
she invites us to come with her 
to  that mythical place
where fantasy encompasses 
time and space.

Two distance lovers 
on the Cyprus beach
locked together in a 
sweet sensual embrace,
waves murmur from the sea 
the sound of ancient voices
that only lovers can hear.

 Aphrodite looks on from 
her place in the timeless
iridescent night sky
where the Gods dwell 
and her laughter is heard 
by the two lovers entwined 
in a rapturous embrace. 
 for of all the time we spent together on this soulful journey, I never thanked you-- this is for you.

planet Venus

music video of Bob Seger-- We've  got tonight


  1. wow! you are a hopeless romantic..

  2. oh joanny, this is thick and heady with sensuality and you have captured the essence of aphrodite perfectly...what an awesome tribute to your someone special! thanks for sharing it with us :)

  3. I love the sea, this was so beautiful. You
    must have a soul that has lived before.. yvonne

  4. Joanny, I am so happy you are in my life. The sensitivity you bring to us is simply splendid.
    To say the things you say in your way is impossible for all of us. So special. And, I love love love Bob Seger, an under-rated American legend.

  5. fiveloaf

    Yes I know, and you are as well my dear poet blog friend.


  6. Thanks Sheri

    What ever we have -- it is not a given-- here today gone tomorrow, best to Carpe Diem and be grateful for the time shared with others.

  7. Yvonne

    Anyone who can see the eternal beauty and mystery of the sea, knows there is no death, only change.



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  9. Marsha

    I am grateful for you as well, your creativity is spellbinding, you are a true enchantress, my dear.


  10. the beauty of your words enthralled me. A beautifully romantic tale.

  11. What an honour it must be to be allowed to hear these words said ... a deep bow in respect of your writing.

    daily athens

  12. Wonderful tribute to Aphrodite, where would we be if she was not born from the Bob Seger too....bkm

  13. lovely words...
    thank you for the fun!

  14. Thank you for voting,
    Happy Monday!

  15. I get lost in your is awesome coming here...Thanks for sharing ~ Amanda x

  16. very imaginative and sweet to read. I enjoyed the word play....Nice!

  17. such fullness and beauty here. really well done!

    bob seger is fun too ~

  18. A fantabulous tribute!
    Your poem was just too beautiful for words! I could picture it all so easily!!! And towards the end, it became more and more sweet and charming... the part where you wrote about ONLY the lovers being able to hear her laughter...gosh...amazing!!!
    Brilliant imagery.. Keep up the fantastic work!
    And have a super week ahead!

  19. A many-sided look at one side of the Goddess.

  20. being a hope-full romantic myself...i loved beautiful and sensual...ah....sigh. smiles.

  21. Totally amazed by those photographic images...and how they were achieved!

  22. This was beautiful. You've captured the goddess Aphrodite well. Great piece of writing.

  23. that was beautiful, full of mythology and imagery..the stuff i like best!!!..oh yeah and thanks for sharing it with One Shot...cheers Pete

  24. Hi I was writing a comment about your latest poem, saying what a masterpiece it was and the pictures were wonderful then the poem disappeared. was it you deleted it or some google gremlins at work again,

  25. Joanny, love reading mythological verse and yours is quite good and even culminates in a heartfelt thank you. Awesome.

    Also, thanks for being a part of One Shot!

  26. This is just so - floating - and beautiful pics!

  27. BEAUTIFUL ..Again! am know your way to the world of hearts and dreams joanny..i felt every word!well done are brilliant,well picked..hats off! :)

  28. Dear Joanny,
    i accepted your last comment but i don't know why it didn't show on my blog post! so apologies, blogger acted up,if you would kindly resend it ,it would be nice ..if not it is fine,i just wanted to tell you so that you know that it was just out of mere technical mistake :) as it is always lovely to read your comments and have you around at my Home ;)thank you so much for your great support ..i so much appreciate it :)


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