Thursday, July 29, 2010

MId -Summer Storm

Blushed cheek children run
to the watered gardens edge.
Playing and laughing feeling so free,

tiny markings of footprints are left in the sand,
mingling with a fragile delicate feather, 
bare tip showing, covered with sand,
not wishing to give way its secret place.

Childrens laughter shout out in chorus
a magical enraptured plea
singing notes of summer's endless 

wonder and joy, such sweet melody’s
on this glorious midsummer's day. 

The hot July day disappears in a flash.
Thunderheads building in the sky

sending children scurrying  back to shore.

The sound of waves crashing 

against the sandy shore  
calling to distract my mind,
gives way to an ancient primordial pull,
somewhere beyond the ocean
the distance is shattered 
charging my body with pulsing electricity,
I hear a sound in the distance, a clap of thunder, 

then lightning, energy abound and unfurled , 
music to my soul, for tranquility I do not seek.
For it is not the easy life I crave, 

ones own music must begin to play  
and lived to the edge of all we can be.

The Rain burst from the sky unleashes its fury 

with the force of arrows shot from a bow.
I use to be afraid but now I understand,
there is beauty in chaos crashing into my dreams.
I totally surrendered
I found myself transported to a place where
I was allowed to play.


photos: voyons_voir_colleen_Yancy_243,Voyons_voir_Elena_Kalis_H20_stories25,
beauty photography Anoush Abrar02
Emily's imperfect prose Thursday



  1. Wonderful post both in word and photo's Thanks for sharing.


  2. I am so glad you were transported to the right place in the end. Love your writing. Great choice of pictures.

  3. feeling free is he best feeling ever...

  4. I love the imagery. Make sure you play as much as you can for play time has its season as well. Take care of your pretty self.


  5. Ah, this is quite lovely. You might have been describing a summer thunderstorm here on the gulf coast of Florida. I know that violent suddenness well. I'm glad you could see the beauty in sudden change. Sometimes we hold on so hard to sameness.

    And thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit!

  6. You took me to the seaside. Now I'm longing for a storm! Such beauty here. And what gorgeous photos!

  7. Very inspiring! Have a lovely weekend my dear :)

  8. How perfect for my trip! When I get back, I'm going to post a poem and link to you. U have been such an inspiration with your words and moving pictures. Thank you! Powering down, headed out ;)

  9. you really expressed the inner turmoil of life. well done.

    thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. please come again often!


  10. Week 26 will be August 12-18, 2010, Joanny...
    Good luck!

    lovely images..
    beautiful words..

  11. powerfully amazing yet so simple! imagine, allowing torrential rain to intrude on your otherwise gorgeous day, and accepting it with arms open wide! joannie, this is wonderful!

  12. Immaculate images and i really went there with you. That is where you were meant to be this mid summer dear Joanny and will be waiting to be soaked in that storm.

  13. there is beauty in chaos...

    from the first line you captivated me, joanny...

    this is one of my favorite poems so far. beauty. thank you so much for linking... i love that you did. xo

  14. ones own music must begin to play
    and lived to the edge of all we can be...Yes! great imagery throughout! And love the new look

  15. Love the dreamy photos, and oh, your words, especially the bit about the hiding feather. Sudden storms are so thrilling to me; they speak of the awe and majesty of God.

  16. ...there is beauty in chaos crashing into my this line - and it's so true - beautiful writing Joanny!

  17. Such beautiful imagery! I love the way that you put words together! I specifically loved ...

    "I use to be afraid but now I understand,
    there is beauty in chaos crashing into my dreams."

  18. "For it is not the easy life I crave,
    ones own music must begin to play
    and lived to the edge of all we can be."

    Amen and AMEN! I do not wish for the easy way but rather to follow the path He sets.

    Glad I stopped by .. I'm a new follower!

  19. you always take me with you ..there in your words Joanny! loved reading your summer and feeling its breeze on my face..loved it darling..fantastic post! felt the freshness of the photos around me..MIND BLOWING!

    smiling :)

  20. I am in awe, Joanny. This is a spectacular poem; the imagery, the atmosphere, the colourful and living vividness of your descriptions and your metaphor. Your words transported me completely. This line, in particular, I found very profound and immensely stirring:
    "I use to be afraid but now I understand,
    there is beauty in chaos crashing into my dreams.
    I totally surrendered"

  21. storms are so perfectly imperfect, I love how you write I was there with you

  22. beautiful in the chaos...glad you found the place to play. smiles.

  23. "and lived to the edge of all we can be"

    Beautiful poem, Joanny, and that line really struck me. Exquisite sentiment exquisitely worded! :)

  24. That was terrific!!
    Thanks for Visiting
    You write beautifully...Galen

  25. fantastic poem and love the illustrations you used...beautiful and flowing....thanks for sharing this beauty!

  26. To find beauty in chaos is a gift indeed. Lovely. Thanks for visiting. I'm your newest follower.


    awards are fun,
    viola lost her husband,
    I lost a general friend,
    all together,
    please visit and give love to them…

    hope that you enjoy one or two,
    Happy August!

    thanks for commenting on my magpie tale.

  29. Oh my! You just made a glory of midsummer. Absolutely wonderful. Fine work, Joanny! Thanks.