Friday, October 15, 2010


Lovers caught up in the swirl of the storm;
synchronize their trajectory, 
with the moving mass of patterns. 
 With both emergence and acquiescence 
they became part of the dance,
moved by the touch of the potters hand 
there is a sense of the eternal and timeless.
 Through art and spiritual practice 
they allow the moment to find them.
 photo credits and movie from Ghost and the you tube version is the best cut on this scene, although ..... well you will see...


  1. Hello Joanny

    I like this pictures, nice serie.

    Wish you a very good weekend.

    warm greetings from Joop

  2. Nice pictures and meaningful words Joanny.
    Wishing you a nice weekend:)
    Greetings from Berit.

  3. Wow so romantic my friend. I love it. The photos were nicely used as well. :) have a great weekend

  4. oh very nice...i love that scene in sensual and & spiritual practice...sounds like a good recipe...

  5. A lot of passion in your 55. Nice one.

  6. oh la la joanny - this was indeed a piece of art 55

  7. Dear Dear Joanny:

    The film and its soundtrack always hold a special place in my heart. Today you ignited my love again. A big hug and thanks. And pottery: I always think that working with the hands is the best way to earn a living than sitting in offices and colleges and working with the mind. The symbolism of pottery to life is quite apt. Don't you think so? And both love and pottery require immense passion and concentration!!!

    Your picture-story-posts are always refreshing and beautiful. I feel honoured to partake of them every time you post.

    Hope your weekend is rolling on well.

    Joy always,

  8. Tho sparks did burn
    in the clay that turned
    no words need be undone

    When the two entwined
    in that moment of time
    hearts became as one

    Thanks for your comment and the feelings you brought out in this post.

  9. I had totally forgotten about that movie until now! Might have to hunt it down :)

    This is why I love to visit you though. You take what the majority see and apply it to a deeper sense and encourage thinking and feeling. I totally get that and applaud you my dear!

    I love art and love love


  10. Beautiful words, and the images from one of my wife's favourite films no less! :)

  11. There's nothing like an iconic movie scene to rekindle the creative spirit. Your words resonate, and inspire me to break out my own creative tools - namely my pen and my camera - to do some exploration of my own.

    I'll leave the clay to someone else :)

  12. This looks like lots of fun - I want to try too - Thank you for sharing and giving me bright ideas - hehe

  13. very sensual and after the video clip
    its getting a little hot in here!

    One of my best friends was a potter and met her hubby while teaching a class. Hot for teacher!

  14. fabulous 55.
    the images are breath taking!

  15. Joanny, I paint, but have never tried
    working with clay.
    It looks like it feels sexy am I right??
    oooh gooey. At my age my ovaries have
    shrunk, kaput, gone. Always a day late and a dollar short. Life goes on. lol