Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Painter!

. . .”ripe grapes over-flow. . .
bright green apples and violet-red apples are mingled  .. ."  
Gauguin's Intimate Journals - By Paul Gauguin
I watched as the sun awakened a new day to  life,
making it a glorious time
to take a morning stroll along the Seine, 
when out of the blue, there you were, 
a handsome man with a beret upon his head. 
“bonjour, veuillez venir s'asseyent 
près de moi, il a dit que je suis un artiste.” 
Then he began to paint, effortlessly,
with a confident hand, 
a great flourish of lavish brush strokes
of color began to fill the blank white canvas,
with beauty and agility unsurpassed. 
He piled layer upon layer of luminosity, 
a visual delight of warmth, beauty and surprise.
Mesmerized by the rhythmic waves of his hand
and through the swirls of paint
an image began to appear. 
He then spoke softly to me almost a whisper, 
I use paint that you cannot buy in stores. 
Nor do I  paint exactly what is, 
but more the way I image life to be, 
I make no apologies for that, mon joli.
 As he skillfully maneuvers the paint onto paper
the painting begins to take on a life of its own, 
out of the multi-layered splendor an indescribable 
feeling literally comes over me
I know not how to describe my emotions, 
for they were filled with joie de vivre,
an exhilaration of wonder, and awe.
The painting was me in a different time and place
A place that I have never seen before,
but in my heart knew 
I would be there somehow someday. 
At that moment when I looked up
to say to this handsome stranger, 
“Est-ce que Monsieur comment
je vous remercie, comment je rembourse ?” 
he was gone!
 Let The Magic Begin!
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  1. Joanny, I just put one up a minute ago. Next to yours, mine is amateurish. But it does not matter, I'm having so much fun doing these.

    One word I have for your post here, and I hesitate to write that so-overused: EXQUISITE!

  2. Keep painting Joanny the images always draw me in and lovely story and oneshot x :)

  3. Mon Dieu Joanny...
    C'est Magnifique!!
    Merci ma chere...G

  4. Beautiful paintings and touching words.
    Greetings from Berit.

  5. somehow made me feel in Paris, at the quartier Latin, loved the drawing lines you perfectly described within the story..fantastic one shot cherie..yes, you took me there..landing in a portrait made by the painter who wears his words dipped from his palette of passion..:)

  6. Joei de vivre, indeed! You invited me to play.

  7. I agree with G - Man. Great write here. Nice one shot. Love and Light, Sender

  8. As always I am impressed with your amazing skill, beautiful flow and imagery of words and the ability to find the utmost fabulous pictures to accompany your posts.

  9. You are so talented, this was an excellent post. I really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

  10. Wonderfully written, beautiful images as well^^~Let the Magic begin!=P Yeah right!

  11. I enjoy your great work Joanny,
    my compliments.

    Greetings, Joop

  12. you are a painter of poetry.
    both abstract and beautiful work.

  13. Well painted words, Joanny. You create such vivid images in our mind's canvas. Love the mystery of your ending.

  14. Joanny- lovely and so vivid- I especially like the lines -
    "Nor do I paint exactly what is,
    but more the way I image life to be,"

  15. Bautiful story and the colors at the first pictures remind me about fall (I still want to belive we have summer;-)

  16. beautiful joanny...i live to watch a painter at his/her art...and see what they see...would loved to have met this man...excellent oneshot!

  17. Colorful, wonderful One Shot! Outstanding story you create through words and images. Always a pleasure to visit your site, Joanny

  18. We both got posts done earlier this week. You have far outdone myself today though. Wow. Nice building of the story while you layered the words and paint. Lovely

  19. love the line...I use paint that you cannot buy in stores.
    Nor do I paint exactly what is…that's the charm of painters - they do not picture things like they are but how they would like them to be…inspiring joanny

  20. Nice discription of a painter and any creature also..very effectivly written.and lovely paintings also.
    Best wishes.

  21. You never disapoint your followers - Well done - again.


  22. Every time I come here the images always draw me in!! You are so very creative and never ever dissapoint Joanny!! Awesome!! BRAVO!! xxxx

  23. Love the painting and the poem!


  24. How you do capture a story with words and photographs, Joanny. You make my day happier, and I think I also become a little smarter.

  25. I came here to take my daily dream story!
    Wonderful place here...
    Thank you Joanny!
    Here is a song for you:

    "Starry, starry night.
    Paint your palette blue and grey,
    Look out on a summer's day,
    With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.
    Shadows on the hills,
    Sketch the trees and the daffodils,
    Catch the breeze and the winter chills,
    In colors on the snowy linen land."
    Don McLean


  26. Such a nice verse... loved to read it and the words like "the painting begins to take on a life of its own," took my thoughts to a different level.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Connect with me on Twitter at @VerseEveryDay to read one verse everyday on life, love and longing...

  27. I agree with Claudia, and love the line "I use the paint you cannot buy in stores...". So beautiful, Joanny.

  28. wwooowww... loved the poetry :)
    the flow of words.. the painting.. absolutely mind blowing :)
    i love this already :)

  29. beautiful, colourful, and words stroked as if in the hands of the painter himself...yep i am still reading all the great poems from this weeks osw...and this was a gem...cheers pete

  30. Inspirational and flowing words Joanny.

    I saw a man painting the picture of an old warehouse the other morning--just sitting alone in a small town along a neighborhood sidewalk.

    It was calming just watching him.

  31. Magic indeed! I wish everyone would remember that each life is a blank canvas and everyday we get to choose what colors and type of strokes we place on the masterpiece of "ME" :)

    Have a superb weekend...maybe paint something?!



  32. This was a brilliant read, Joanny. Although I don't paint myself, I was still fascinated by your magical description of this artist painting. And who was he really, that he could just vanish into thin air? I love the mystery of that... :)

  33. These are all such beautiful images. Have a fantastic weekend!

  34. What a wonderful story! I really liked the images and feeling of fantasy you created here. C'est tres jolie, ma belle amie.

  35. What a delight froth and fancy. Exquisite ... a lovely note on which I end my evening ...

  36. what an achievement to be able to paint. Wish I could. Carla

  37. I do hope everyone reads his words about Painting. Great. Thanks for this.


  38. an entry filled with so many memories...thank you. spending one of the best moments of my life in paris, loving to bits this bridge, there's a movie called "Lovers of Pont Neuf "
    that i love so much ...
    before writing a book, i'd like to wish you a wonderful sunday.
    and yes, am still searching whether there's an English translation available of that book.
    and second yes, excuse for not leaving much a trace lately, a bit difficult time currently ...

  39. it's pure delight to visit your blog, joanny! this is another beautiful piece!

  40. This was magical...splendid write.

    A great week for you....Cheers!

  41. Wow, this is absolutely magical! Love the way you've interwoven images with the text of your poem...

  42. Just had to visit again ... loved this one too. Thanks! :-)