Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In the twilight by the river’s edge,

brightened with pure light the water and the grove
standing silent and tall – 
and as melancholy as the twilight woods,
drawing nigh, his scent fills the night air,
imbued  with a earthy sensuality as wild
as the oak and mysterious as the moon-lit grove.   
A fragrant moon, luminous 
in the darkness of the velvet night-sky sends trails of 
moonbeams that map our destiny together,
what choice do we have but to dance...

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Moments of wordless rapture 
when we are entwined in a timeless moment among the
constellations, their music is sad, and bittersweet, 
dancing barefoot on top of dewy grass 
nimbly do we pass the place 
we lived when we were young 
and the tender stalk
that never bends,  and yet...
 In the face of adversity our dance 
does not break we learn to bend,  
Dancing in this passionate storm,
through sacred groves and ancient orchards, 
we move with the flow
on the currents of grief and joy, 
 separation and union. 
Our energies mingle in a flow and fury
in a dance of tension and passion,
masculine and feminine moving 
to perfect harmony in where 
all things are possible 
where past and future meet,  
Passing yesterday into the new day 
with the dimming Milky Way, we move through
the darkness toward the sun’s first rays, 
in the morning light may be seen 
where the night before we have been.

This loveliness we share what pleasures can compare?  
We danced and played till dawn,
oh let’s start afresh and pass 
this way once more….

Take my hand. Let's dance!

photo's ffffound-tumblr


  1. This is beautiful. I love how you use the imagery of dance.

  2. wow. i love to dance this dance and hope that it never dies in the passion i feel with my wife...excellent imagery joanny. nice one shot!

  3. Beautifully done, Joanny. It felt almost like a trilogy to me. Is that how you intended it? This One Shot is so much fun. My One Shot is HERE.

  4. Nice ,attractive and perfect composition of poetry,dance and photograph also.

  5. Your one of my favourite bloggers, I'am so glad to see this nice work Joanny.


  6. I almost didn't read this one becasue I saw the word 'twilight' in the title. (I was dreading the possibilty of running into - gag - yet another 'vampire love' poem)

    But I've read other poems by you and figured you deserved the benefit of the doubt. (And I was not disappointed!)

    Romantic, passionate and compelling - nice One Shot, Joanny!

  7. Your photo-art is just magical. Need I say more ?

  8. Joanny,
    The tango is so romantic.
    The moonlit woods are beautiful. I can't imagine walking in the woods at night.


  9. This is so beautiful the words, and pictures.

    Take care.

  10. Lady!
    ThatIS a dance. I had never read such a beatiful piece related to this so meaningful art of two bodies as they join in the music of love,,,

  11. Good imagery, dance the words of love, especially the forceful, so compelling. Thanks. Gay (@beachanny)

  12. this is truly beautiful! i was mesmerized by your words and images. well done again, joanny!

  13. Ok Joanny, this is what i can call a real STEAMY TANGO! one of my favorite dances for perfect passion, loved your images, your lines..your post is pure, shall we dance ? ;)

    by the way, thank you darling for stopping by at my girly stuff..;) i knew you would enjoy it as much as i did writing it..:)
    but i didn't get well that last line in your comment..:) have the best weekend sweet one..:)

  14. The interplay of images and stanzas is fantastic. Your poem creates an overall moving performance piece. Great work, Joanny

  15. This was so lyrical, Joanny, and the flow was so wonderful as it went from dark to dawn in that beautiful dance of a couple in completely in step. "fragrant moon" - that is so gorgeous!

    You always accompany your beautiful writing with the most amazingly perfect artwork.

  16. Joanny! Yesss, I know I could still dance and play until long as I slept all night and day prior--grin!

    I missed the "One Shot" this week, There's so many of these things, I lose track.

    Loved following your dances-in-photos-and-words trip (tripping?!) through the night!

  17. your images set one right in motion,
    I feel instant connection and wow.
    love your style.
    thanks for sharing your beautiful talent and admirable poetry with us.

  18. this was a wonderfully sensual piece Joanny. You gave me a dreamy smile throughout. thank you

  19. What a beautiful pictures and what a dance of words... love to dance....
    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya.
    My one shot...

  20. Never miss a chance to dance. Everyone should lead at sometime. Everyone should have the pleasure of being led... Embrace the music of life and get carried away!

  21. You amaze me. Always. Sending love, Joanny...

  22. Your perfection in the word and image description is truly excellent and the piece is sensational was dancing
    along with the images and feeling it deeply with each step. Love your writing my sweet dear always and my eyes never get bored ever xox

  23. i LOVE your blog. very inspiring.
    i'll be your newest stalker ;)

  24. Hi Joanny! Lovely interplay of image and word.

  25. A lovely vignette, and dancing rises from your words a such a joy of nature-- nicely done!

  26. moments of wordless rapture...

    you word this so well, friend.

  27. Nice, nice...! I stopped dancing since the DJ made a remark about the old man on the dance floor! :-(

  28. what choice do we have but to dance…love this..there are moments that are just made for dancing and nothing else..

  29. I traveled the entire universe while reading this poem, Joanny! It was an absolute pleasure to all my senses!
    Incidentally, I LOVE dancing.. and this is how I feel when I dance... ofcourse, I meant it very literally..
    But on a more figurative sense, considering the lovely analogy you have shown here (that of love), I agree with you here as well!
    Love is the most elegant of all dances.. where with each step, you just go deeper into its realms, and only keep wishing for more...

    This was an exquisite poem, J... a masterpiece!

  30. me caught up!

  31. A lot of passion on those pictures

  32. You crafted the intimacy of the dance so well. Beautiful.

  33. hi joanny....sorry am late catching up with the one shots but private life been a bit hectic...anyway glad i had the chance to read this wonderful piece, that played so well with some wonderful phot's...cheers as always Pete