Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DaDaism Unmasked

    "DaDa is beautiful like the night, 
who cradles the young  day in her arms." - Hans Arp 
   "DADA speaks with you, it is everything, it envelops everything,
it belongs to every religion, can be neither victory or defeat,
it lives in space and not in time." - Francis Picabia
I wrote this poem in the style of 'Laws of Chance" 
Up confusion rumbling, that broke
worship navel The as his sleep....The
regarded up bourgeois and in
their bourgeois the mighty began
a safe-deposits, Dadaist bells to
his honours The bourgeois so
hot thy each like garden
this upon warm awakens from
your electric worth beast like
absence, shroud, beast each diamonds,
burning beast within With each diamonds,
desire my awakening arcs hot.
This poem I wrote using a free style
of whatever came into my imagination
I wrote down and did not alter my first attempt
albeit it isn't written in French and German.

 Theater of the Mind
I would go to bed thinking of new ways
To let the artistic journey begin
And let passion be my guide
I do not waste time in regret the moments I let slip by
For the dull days make me weep
There in the darkest hour of night find me
Scribbling thoughts deep down in my head
Flying birds flapping wings in the breeze  

Seemingly   chasing their mates
I stop only for a moment to listen to the crazy birds sing
One of them carried a message from God
“You’ve no reason to fear”
“Art is going to sleep so a new world can be born”
DaDA dada da da dadada  da
I wonder is this stranger telling me truth or lies?
There I stood wrapped in enameled skin
Wandering through the corridors of my mind
Consumed by the evenings dreams
 I dared look into the years…
While you were yet just a dream
Where will you be? Will you wait for me?
Stirring the secrets and the dreams
I hurl them to the sky
 Awakened suddenly by
a garland placed upon my head,
I shake my dreams and rise, 
 life is waiting for me to live
for time is passing me by.

By inaugurating the legendary „Cabaret Voltaire“ on February 5, 1916, Hugo Ball, Emmy Hennings, Hans Arp, Tristan Tzara and Marcel Janco founded the most important art movement ever to originate in Zurich: the Zurich Dadaism. From the house at Spiegelgasse 1 Dada started its journey into the world – launching an international cultural revolution.
 These literary figures were interested in sound, nonsense,  and "Laws of Chance" poetry. This did spill out into the visual art field in the form of automatic drawing and the allowance of "Laws of Chance" and the absurd to infiltrate too.

The Dada movement claimed to be “anti-art” and had a strong destructive and negative element. It was a rejection of tradition and the seeking of complete freedom from past traditions.   Also, like the Cubists, they had an interest in letter forms as concrete visual shapes. Letters were not just phonetic symbols.The art of photo-montage was said to originate from this same movement.

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This is also for, “The world I want for my children," an effort to support The Joyful Heart Foundation, which was founded by Law & Order: SVU actress Mariska Hargitay to help victims of sexual assault mend their minds, bodies and spirits and reclaim their lives. Today, the foundation is at the forefront of an effort to end a disheartening backlog of tens of thousands of rape kits in labs across the country, a backlog that contributes to a rapist’s 80 percent chance of getting away with his crime. The backlog and its detrimental effects will be the topic of an SVU episode on September 29th.

Joyful Heart Foundation The Joyful Heart Foundation works to foster a community that turns toward the issues of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. Such a community, empowered with knowledge, courage and compassion, can support survivors of this violence and engage in an open dialogue about how to collaboratively end the cycle of violence and abuse. We invite you to read our story here and join our joyful community.


  1. nice. love teh freeflow one...and for its own the dada style...we can get so constrained by convention at times...good to step out...nice one shot and IP...

  2. Feel like I should be wearing all black with a beret cocked to one side on my bobbing head while I vigorously snap my fingers with approval. "Cool, man. Real Cool." *smiles and giggles*

  3. When I studied art, I did not appreciate Dadaism.
    I realize it is a statement of man's dissatisfaction.

    Nice One Shot

    Moon smiles

  4. Joanny,
    "Dada" was the first word I ever spoke!

  5. @Timoteo lol

    Joanny, love your artistic posts, especially this one. Powerful ending to your poem!
    "I shake my dreams and rise,
    life is waiting for me to live
    for time is passing me by."
    Nice One Shot!

  6. I feel like I just got schooled in something way more sophisticated than me! Loved it and I read it 2x :)

  7. I loved these. I read a couple of times. I haven't played around with dada since growing up nor at all with poetry; only images way back when. As I've aged, my poetry has become much more concrete I think; but I enjoy the way these allow the reader to free associate in between your lines. It's like watching waves at the beach; no two people will come away with the same feelings, thoughts or emotions. I found it most satisfactory. Thank you for widening my artistic horizons again.
    Gay @beachanny

  8. this is my favourite part:

    I stop only for a moment to listen to the crazy birds sing
    One of them carried a message from God
    “You’ve no reason to fear”
    “Art is going to sleep so a new world can be born”
    DaDA dada da da dadada da

    it's all beauty, joanny... i love that you linked. you have such talent, friend. xo

  9. I love the words "broke worship navel". That's a good thing to break. Very wise, it helps us see dada. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

  10. All credits for you Joanny,
    it's again very compliments for all your work.

    greetings from Holland, Joop

  11. Interesting, I learnt about dadaism in school, thank you for this brief reminder. For me it's like a beginnging of modern art

  12. Joanny,
    Thank you for your beautiful words commented on my site.
    I love your poetic insight to words deeper than one could use in any average conversation.
    I would love to be able to write like you :)

    You are a gifted writer, and I enjoy my visits here with you. I loved this part of your poem... "I would go to bed thinking of new ways To let the artistic journey begin
    And let passion be my guide"...

    I can totally relate to this feeling and it sits strongly in my mind, how many times I have been so passionate for something creative, that it takes over and consumes all my thoughts.

    Brilliant my girl!

  13. There's a wonderful flow to this post and the lines get to you. Beautifully done Sweetie x

  14. Nice post! Dada was/is a liberating style. As a quilter, I think of the quilts from Gee's Bend as a kind of practical Dada.

  15. I shake my dreams and rise,
    life is waiting for me to live
    for time is passing me by...

    I can relate to that and I love how you put this... that theatre of the mind might be so beautiful and so stressfull too!
    Lovely post!


  16. you always integrate art in your poetry.
    beautiful job.

  17. i like how you experiment with different styles - and i like that you joined in to joyful heart - i wanted as well - but had no time unfortunately..

  18. A wonderful read on a blah raining day. Thanks for the educational post Joanny.

  19. Joanny,
    In fact Dada was a very respective word in India--this word was used by yonger boys for their elder brothers.Yonger boys calling their elder one"dada".and it was also used for grand father.
    But now a days it is just like abuse.
    Because now Dada neans a unsocial or bad man.
    Any way --it is very intersting post.
    Waiting your comment on my poem.With best wishes.

  20. enjoyable post :) very much from heart !

  21. This is just utterly and completely beautiful on various levels of visual and art for the heart, Joanny. Thank you for letting your passion and spirit flow out like this. What power and wonder bubble forth from unedited pathways!

    Ahh, a nice little blast of art for my soul today, thank you! So glad I popped in.

    I shall soon have to make you a celebratory sidebar button, to highlight your site so more can enjoy your artist soul -- a button with a flash of red and mystery, of course! :)



  22. warm words...
    kind words...
    words to hold...
    to treasure...
    to soothe...
    your writing is a solace for my soul, dear joanny!

  23. I really enjoyed the free style poem!

  24. Its beautiful.. I loved the free style and the thoughts conveyed so nicely... I think its good that you did not touch it later... it has that raw feeling to it.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
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