Sunday, January 30, 2011

As Night Falls


On the amusement park, 

The carousel’s magical charm 

Comes to life

With the menagerie of animals

The mythical and  familiar

The ride goes up -it goes down
round and round -- thrills and chills 

Riding on brightly painted ponies  

Reaching  for the brass ring

While lovers steal kisses  
in the gondolas  

Away from prying eyes


As night falls
on the amusement park,
the carousel’s magical charm
comes to life
with the menagerie of animals 
the mythical and  familiar
the ride goes up -it goes down
round and round -- thrills and chills
riding on brightly painted ponies 
reaching  for the brass ring,
while lovers steal kisses 
in the gondolas 
away from prying eyes.

photos tumblr --- carousels  courtesy of National Carousel Association
Noyce Gallopers Owner Tom Noyce-pigs and horses
Made by Savages of Kings Lynn, Anderson carved animals,1890s
Ecomusee Carousel, brightly colored horses & gondola,  2nd gondola Brooklyn New York


  1. nice...great snaps the romantic...and stealing kisses, i am all in...smiles.

  2. simply Wonderful both poem and pictures.


  3. You know, I've always been attracted to carousels -- a grand art form from days gone by. But there are still many around. Whether they're restored or in original (sometimes sad) condition, it's a fantastic craft -- including some handcarved horses and animals that come to life when the carousel starts turning. And then there's the magical music mix of bells, and chimes and organ. Thanks for bringing back some good memories of amusement parks and carousels -- they're some good ones still around, too.

  4. This is like a dream Joanny. So beautiful pictures and words.
    Wishing you a nice week.


  5. Hi Joanny

    These carousel pictures are very nice and colorful.... you did it again, my compliments for the compositions.

    Greetings, Joop

  6. you're really an amazing writer
    i love amusement parks after dark, and particularly all areas after dark
    there's something very different about the absence of daylight
    keep up the good work !

  7. So much blazing colour and detail here. I think of the play "Glass Menagerie" as I jot down this comment.

    Joy always,

  8. Love the images and the word play. A 160? Maybe. None the less, thanks for playing.

  9. Awww, charming.

    I never did that, myself, but I've watched my kids reaching for the brass ring in the middle of the afternoon and smiled.

  10. This is just lovely! Is anything more magical than a carousel?

  11. Lush pictures--but the lines are vivid without them.

    The pacing is like the turning of the wheel, slow, with rhythms...

  12. Reminds me of when my daughter was young. She and I used to ride the horses on the carousels.

  13. Carousel's are like the perfect item and experience that defines magical, mystery and a perfect ride to and from the perfect moment called bliss :) Hope you had a great weekend! XO

  14. I happily stumbled across your blog. Your posts are inspirational, and I love your deep enthusiasm for art. You're magical. I will follow you now. <3 mwah.

    hope to hear from you*!

  15. amazing colorful pictures-like a journey to a childhood:)

  16. Comme il est beau ce carrousel! Et l'on peut rendre hommage à ces artistes de l'époque 1900 qui ont créé ces bijoux.
    Les enfants ne se rendent pas compte de l'honneur qu'ils ont de s'amuser sur de telles pièces de musée. C'est magnifique et magique.
    Merci Joanny!

  17. Joanny, this is charming and cheerful. Thank you. Just made my morning.

  18. This is just so beautiful - coloreful, good lightning, nice details, fun to watch, amazing, ... everything

    Well done

  19. I can hear the music ...the lack of people in your photopoem gives it a kind of thrilling nuance...
    delightful post

    Thanks my friend for your so beautiful comments!

  20. Aah...magical, isn't it!? The night holds a charm... not just to us humans, but even to what we believe as inanimate! It's music can be heard by all.. its tune is danced to and lived by one and all - lovers and wooden horses alike!

    What a lovely piece, Joanny... you sure have a way of getting us hooked to your works of art!

  21. A lovely fantasy enchanting, who can resist the carousel..a true work of art!!

  22. Until a few years ago, there was a carousel in the Ranelagh park in Paris, with wooden horses... hand-pushed by to elderly ladies. The ladies retired, someone else took over ... and the horses are no plastic!

  23. What a beautiful story Joanny and the carousel images, so gorgeous do indeed bring back so many memories!

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    Art by Karena

  24. Wow what beautiful carousel pictures! Also your words are as inspiring as always. Thank you! :)

  25. This is a wonderful 160 post! I absolutely love carousels! You have shared some really beautiful images and words.

    ~ Tracy

  26. This is a lovely ride.. loved it.