Saturday, December 18, 2010

Soul on fire!

Fiery Flamenco over the dance beat
exuding  passion and fire for each
makes fire dance
tap tap tapping to the heavy pounding
twisting, arching,
foot fast rattling 
tap tap tapping to the flamenco beat

excerpt from my poem Steps in Time for the full version go here

photo ffffound flamecowoman


  1. Red is the colour of passion, strength and vitality and I guess all three are present when the body is the medium whether it is dance or making love.

    Joy always,

  2. Great excerpt! Full of flamenco spirit.

  3. Thank you for bringing back memories when I lived in Spain. I have been trhying to visit my son there but the weather has delayed my visit,

    Happy Christmas

  4. For me, I wish you had re-posted the full version, for some will deny themselves the pleasure of 'feeling' the beat, and beating with the feet--and the heart beat along with.

    I like word anacrusis--had to look it up! Thank you for lovely pictures and poems.

  5. Don Carlo Thank you --- for both the nice comment and taking the time to read "Steps In Time." It was written for a meme that used a pocket watch as the photo prompt, and I wrote the poem with the alliteration, and as a onomatopoeia --
    The word Anacrusis as used in poetry derived from an ancient Greek word which is the lead-in syllables, collectively, that precede the first full measure. In music, it is the note or sequence of notes which precedes the first downbeat in a bar. The poem was written to music.
    The reason for the shorten version here is this meme is 160 text characters. But after the post I went back and revised this stanza so it differs from the original poem in "Steps In Time"

  6. The fiery red of that Amaryllis is the perfect color of Flamenco.
    Joanny, your pics and words truly do make fire dance.
    Your passion shines through . . .

  7. thanks Rick I thought the Amaryllis looked like the Flamenco dancer's dress with dangling dancing legs, much more so then a red rose.

    Susan; you are always very insightful, thanks for your kind comments they are appreciated.

    Yvonne, I hope you get to see him soon and have a safe & joyful journey.

    Audrey, thanks so very much and for the visit.

  8. You really gave the feeling of the dance

  9. wonderful! Brought back the time when I lived in Spain...OLE!

  10. This makes me think of the flamenco dancers I watched in Mexico, but what you excerpted from makes me think New Orleans and LA.

  11. Beautiful Joanny. It brings back memories to me, when I was studying some years ago, and one of our lessons was about tango, closness, distance and feelings. Our teacher was talking, and two balletdancers was dancing the tango.
    Wishing you a lovely week.
    Warm hug:)

  12. Beautiful composition with a great frame and super light.
    Flamenco music is my favorite.

  13. Beautiful work Joanny

    your great !!

    greetings, Joop

  14. Flamenco is an intense and passionate dance. Great 160. Thanks for playing along.

  15. i think flameco is next to tango and salsa one of the most passionate dances i know - i could see her dance in your words..

  16. WOW how do you know so much, feel so well flamenco?'ve pictured its sound and artful movements as no one ever i read before!

    wonderful, Joanny
    thank you!

  17. Oh my! Makes me wish I was a dancer!

  18. smiles...quite the passionate dance...the fire...the red...oh yeah...smiles. makes me want to move...

  19. stunning imagery, soul on fire,
    human's loving desire...

    way to go.

  20. Nice post, its simply beautiful. This holiday season I can't wait to have rembrandt charms

  21. beautifully executed! great piece with perfect accompanying images!!! beautiful!

  22. “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
    -Carl W. Buechner

    I may not remember what beautiful creations you have made with words (poems and such), but I always remember how inspiring your posts are. As always, thanks for the inspiration. :)

  23. Hi Joanny,
    Those Red Passionate dancing shoes!
    Music to my ears.

    Thank you for your inspiring visit, I just love your visits with the perfect passion and vission you have.

    You are a lady to love!
    Your bloggy friend wishing you a
    Joyeux Noel

  24. Here's to tap tap tapping a happy holiday greeting to you, Joanny.

  25. Beautiful and dreamy! Happy holidays, sweetie!

  26. Nice to meet you ..

    kisses from Spain

  27. HI Joanny, I love flamenco it is such an empowering dance and a dream to watch. Have a great holiday thanks for all your lovely comments this year. Carla x

  28. passez un bon fétes de fin d'année.

  29. Makes me want to dance! Love the color red!

  30. I can feel the passion in this dance.

  31. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful compositions on his blog. Wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Best wishes. Leovi.

  32. Joanny,
    Want to wish you and your family a merry christmas, and all the best for the next year.
    Warm hugs from Berit.
    (Your norwegian is perfect)

  33. I always loved flamenco!
    Have a wonderful 2011 with lots of dance, poetry and art!

  34. my heart is moving...
    my soul is moving...
    and yet, i yearn for more ~

    delightful to read the piece itself Joanny as well as to read your marks here in the comment thread...!!!
    Ever so many hugs sent to you from our home to yours!

  35. What a beautiful post. Poetry and photos. Superb! Oh Joanny, you'd love the flameco festival in Gorbio each year. REAL flamenco! Wishing you the very best of Christmasses and a happy, healthy and peaceful 2011. With that you have everything! And Joanny, thankyou so much for your wonderful comments this year. I so look forward to them! Do hope we meet one day. love Jilly xxx

  36. Hello Joanny

    I wish you and your family a very nice and warm Christmas, and for 2011 all the best in good health.

    X-mas greetings from Holland, Joop

  37. Merry Christmas to you Joanny.

  38. Dear Joanny, Merry Christmas, I have grown to love you over this year of bloggin.
    For instance this post made my mind go back to Miami Beach in the 70's I had a friend called Scarlotte O'Hara she was a wild and crazy Flamenco Dancer, we were invited to Papa Doc's Birthday Party in Haiti She was in a parade and Danced, I tagged along it was fun.
    Big hug for all your talented post's

  39. Dancing, when feet think they are the head.

    Thank you for the kind words. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  40. Both poems are wonderfully vibrant and take one to dear and magically places. Thanks for always bringing beauty into our lives.

    Best wishes, Joanny, for the holiday season and the new year.

  41. The Colore red is for Christmas - Nice shots

  42. Joannny,
    Really it's very attractive and beautiful poem....i was really missing to read you ...due to some official and personal reasons...but now i will come regularly to read and enjoy your creations.
    Best wishes.

  43. I have seen a great deal of flamenco in my 50 visits to Puerto Rico over a period of 7 years
    ( I had quite a passionate romance there - it
    fizzled when he came to CA to live with me ). Also, I lived in Tampa for two years and enjoyed the flamenco dancers in Ybor City, then, many times, in Barcelona, I've seen flamenco, as well. It's fiery, spicy, and thrills the senses!

  44. dearest Joanny :)
    ever loved the words you sent me my soulful friend. and i shall treasure them as i do those life moments that will forever be a balm on my heart.

    i tried to open the blog post wrote after this one, but for some unknown reason it will only give me a portion and i could not get the comment box to open either.

    not wanting to pass by without letting you know that i did enjoy what i was able to read. and if you get time i would love for you to send me the work...
    i will try again to see if my computer will open the page :)