Friday, April 16, 2010

Steps In Time

Tap Tap Tap Tapping
Dancing feet on the city street
This is how we dance
In pools of light on the corners of the street.

Shim Sham Shimmy Shine
tap tap Tap Tapping
shake shake your shoulders
tap Tap tap Tapping
a riot of dancers
thieving steps and style

Shim Sham Shimmy Shine
do the back beat rhythm
In Anacrusis Shim Sham Shimmy Shine.
Shim Sham, Push that beat.
Tap Tap do a half beat.

Come all you brothers and sisters
watch Mr. Bo jangle Shim Sham Shimmy Shine,
watch Michael do the back beat in Anacrusis time.
Oh don't forget those fiddles strumming up the beat,
for our Irish brothers and sisters
Tall and Straight,
T'is is how we learn dancing to the beat.

Fiery Flamenco over the dance beat
exuding  passion and fire for each
makes fire dance  tap tap tapping to the
heavy pounding Dance-club style beat
heavy pounding Dance-club style beat.
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  1. Loved the "timing" of this post. What wonderful rhythm.

  2. Nice.... Rhythmic..
    have a great Weekend Joanny.

  3. dancing time! what a neat way of looking at it!

  4. An unexpected take on the time prompt! Well done!

  5. I have the feeling someone will see your blog and grab you up for Hollywood.. When you get there please don't forget to E-mail me..
    This is Great

  6. Very nice! :-) And thanks for reminding me of Magpie tales, I´ll try post mine tomorrow!

  7. keeping the time of the rhythm, metaphorically and in real time. I could hear the rhythm as I read!

  8. Loved the energy, the alliteration, all the onomatopoeia -- this kicked ass strong and read 100 miles an hour, good stuff...
    Image & Verse

  9. What a poem..such fun
    and a whole lot of work
    great job
    nice take on the photo

  10. Wow, that made me reflect on my single days when I used to go dancing at dance clubs. Love the tap, tap, tap...what a creative way to tie in the watch prompt.

  11. Nice! I could feel the floorboards rumbling under those heavy pounding flamenco whole notes.

  12. My feet won't stop moving! Hey, I'm dancing! I love how you keep the beat, the time signature constantly changing, musically speaking. Very unique the inclusion of notation. This would be a great little (major production) dance piece. Gilbert and Sullivan, we've got another dancer/poet/musician/ multi-talent in the room!

  13. Good timing is crucial in music & you showed that here! I loved your take on this magpie prompt!
    The rhythm of the clock like music in itself...holding a perfect rhythm n beat.
    Exchanging the tick tock for a tap tap & creating Dancing Time ... loved it!

  14. Joanny, beautiful site , thoughts, and music!

    I have a new post and interview up I think you will enjoy!

    Art by Karena

  15. Very good take on the photo prompt, my feet wanted to join the dance!


  16. An interesting take on the prompt!

  17. Joanny, very good! Your imagination knows no bounds.

  18. this magpie has a remarkable cadence to it...loved its playfulness...

  19. I'm ready to join this chorus line!! You did catch the beat!!

  20. unique and toe tappingly simple, but it works and it works well.

  21. I could feel the Irish dancing and the Flamenco in the beat....nice and zippy!

  22. You make me want to put on my dancing shoes! This is great!

  23. Love the pools of light at the corner of the street. Man, but this has got rhythm!!

  24. Wow, this was fun, Joanny! Clever take on the tick-tock rhythm.

  25. Very smart piece!
    Colorful and with such depth.Bravo!
    mine is here
    this is my first magpie tale.
    have you a great week.

  26. You have captured the music with your words...I could hear it as I read; the rhythms were intertwined. Brilliant!

  27. So impressive how you took the prompt of a clock/watch and brought it to music. I am assuming you wrote the poem, too? Wonderful and intricate.

  28. loved this twist on the prompt--I could hear the music and see the dancers--wonderful magpie!

  29. Not only the rhythm of it Joanny - it played musically in my head. Really nice job.

  30. Wonderful poem..your poetry is amazing,lovely blog :)
    Short Poems

  31. Particularly loved the first stanza and wished I could read music. I could see a metronome standing in the corner clickingthrough your piece.

  32. Now I've got a tip tap tapping rhythm going on in my head! Love your timing take on the photo prompt. This one is a winner.

  33. I loved how my vision of the dancers changed through out the poem. I could see them dancing in the streets, the clubs and the flamingo dancers. So fun!!

  34. Your poem belongs on Broadway ~ I can see the dancers and singers right now ~ prancing and dancing their way down the street!

  35. dancing has never been so catchy after those shimmys.. love it joanny and i love your creativity very much! thanks for coming by. anyway mines here-