Friday, December 3, 2010

The Interplay with Nature!

Serpentine pathways
 harbor surprises
simple and rustic,
constantly  changing

a different rhythm
in cadence with each step
from one pattern to another

the pause in between 
strikes the right chord
of inner  balance

forming the intimate
mood of  harmony

combining the interplay with nature
and the duality of forces
pairing the elements
 of yin and yang
in one single step!

Friday Flash 55 --hosted by g- ma
"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
---Lao Tzu

 Portland’s Lan Su Chinese Garden is an authentic Suzhou-style garden and  was created to nurture and inspire all who visit,  it is little changed from what might have greeted you during the Ming dynasty in China.


  1. what a beautiful place...lots of peace and serenity in those stones...

  2. Lovely Joanna..... nice stones.

    have a nice weekend, Joop

  3. Simply beautiful Joanny! Sweet serenity! And how very true is that Lao Tzu quote... Love it!

  4. Amazing. Next time I'm in Portland, I've got to go visit this beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wonderful post Joanny,

    Have a good week-end;

  6. There's something about pathways...they just beg to be explored. Your photos and words make me long for summer suddenly and completely! Loved this 55, Joanny!

  7. This place is amazing! Beautiful pictures and post. I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately and the quote made me remember that starting out with the small things will count towards getting it all done in the end. Thank you for this post. Have a great weekend.

  8. the gardens are beautiful. It's great how they served as inspiration for such a lovely write. Your photo and your words are themselves inspiring.

  9. I like touching those stones, they are so smooth to the touch. Have a great weekend!

  10. what a beautiful post Joanny..really amazing,pathways..pebbled,leading our steps to where they are supposed to go.
    and we follow..hearts do it,even if the minds don't always agree..

    love you so much my dear friend..
    big hug!

  11. Just like the interplay between your words and your pictures - a harmony and a whole.

  12. lovely words to go with lovely photos! I haven't been to those gardens for awhile- must do that soon! Cheers.

  13. It is a beautiful garden, isn't it. Love the word play that just adds more texture and feel to the entire composition. Great 55.

  14. so beautiful and peaceful - makes every step seem special...nice and serene 55 joanny

  15. solid and brilliant 55.
    love the images,
    you are an admirable person.

  16. Oh 'qué lindura' Love every stepyou made in every word and image...Greatly doneJoanny-as alaways!

  17. these patterns you have are like mandalas, calling me inward, love it!

    post of the week for you! xo

  18. Much Beauty lies beneath the feet..
    So wonderfully and masterfully presented by you Joanny.
    Loved your 55.
    Bursting with talent My Friend, You Rock The PNW...Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  19. This really touches my heart in words I cannot explain? Bless you...its ethereal.

  20. Interesting series with some beautiful designs, I have loved ones made with stones, both large and small. Some wonders.

  21. i just love that rustic mosaic pathway. seems perfect for contemplation.

  22. Each step resonates with life and the joy of being able to make our way through the various hues of life. Steps make the journey worthwhile and I often wonder at which step I am on right now!

    Joy always,

  23. Really nice! my week has gone wandering
    somewhere between labyrinths and
    stained glass ! ran out of energy after my Magpie... Thanks.

  24. wow amazing place...great lines:)

  25. ...And this one single step can make huge changes sometimes Joanny. Something I know a little about.
    I love the pictures here, showing different pathways and patterns, like life.
    Wishing you a nice weekend.
    Warm hug:)

  26. Thanks for a beautiful walk in this garden. I especially love walking on those stone with bare feet.

  27. oh my joanny, here you are, once more, leading us...taking us by the hand and showing us the art of this life. the glory of nature whose solid foundation, bids us come and wander...come and explore.
    it is your artistic inner self that sees...that grasps, that holds dear, the intricacies of beauty that so many pass by...

    i treasure that part of you...
    i treasure all of you :)

  28. HI lovely Joanny, Wow I see you put my book up and French Essence. So kind of you.. Love your stones in particular that bottom shot with the cut out. Looks like an image of Chinese Architecture. I am a fan. CArla

  29. A labyrinth - life itself.

    Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  30. When I read your post here, and view the photos, I feel better about myself, and everyone else.

  31. Just lovely! I'm certainly going to reflect on that today! Have a great week. Mona

  32. The Chinese know how to interpret and see the symbols in the slightest little things. It seems that you have acquired the Chinese spirit! :-)

  33. The rock designs sort of hyponotize me. Your verse is great--works well with the images.

    Nicely done Joanny.

  34. "the intimate mood of harmony" speaks to my soul today, Joanny. What a lovely marriage of word and meaning.

    Such lovely pix.

    Flowing stones, lovely. Thank you for your sharing heart.


  35. Joany,
    It's just so magical. Each path is so intriguing. A great place to walk and
    think. Wish I could take my dog for a walk
    on that path, I have snow and ice here, can't take the chance to slip.Thanks for sharing such BEAUTY.


  36. Oh, Joanny, lovely. I always know I can find peace and beauty here. Your blog is a service as well as creative expression.

    Blog on. Hope things are going well.