Monday, December 13, 2010

The Bewitching Hour!

A feeling of aliveness
City lights glare
Wide as high as near as far
An array of color floods into my eyes
light shows at the
asphalt are playing tonight

 No need to look up
appears just above the  billboards
the universe of stars is barely visible
through the dazzling display of nightlights
on the freeway wall
MMM, the  taste of dust on my tongue
just as the  roar of the hot red car
speeding by drowns out my thoughts
gives me chills under my warm coat.
the car purrs along
while my thoughts return to you
makes my skin melt like butter.
Rain drops like silver glisten –
A red maple leaf spins with the wind and hits my windshield
 I drive mesmerized and hypnotized
by the silver pools of water splashing up
from the pavement while the windshield wipers
keeps time to the raindrops rhythmic beat.
Cars passing on by pay no attention
to the fate of the red maple leaf
cut loose by the wind tossing and tumbling and rolling
 along side my car trying hard to keep up
 a train whistle’s shrill voice quivers in the night air
like a sail made of stars singing a-cappella

 Wiper blades joins in to a 4/4 beat
Car engine whirling sounds like
.. my true love gave to me...
3 French Hens
2 Turtle Doves
And a Partridge in a Pearrrr..
smell of  pine scented smoke and
car exhaust mingle in the cold night air.
Home at Last!
 a bit of holiday sparkle --- you are waiting there!
the author of this blog!

One Shot Wednesday hosted by Claudia… 
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  1. a big city-it's always inspirational

  2. Loved the words and the photo's superb.


  3. Joanny -- This is really beautiful poetry, and collection of your photos ... the night shots, wet streets, rain drops, the most amazing un-made bed beneath that grand chandelier, and those legs. Thanks for ending with those legs! So much of you comes through. Really beautiful. You're quite an artist. Thank you.

  4. So much beauty in your pictures and words Joanny. I really like it.
    Wishing you a nice day.
    Warm winter hug to you:)

  5. love all the sounds in gains momentum as it goes along and glad you made it home at last and perhaps the red leaf did as well...smiles.

  6. A beautiful and delicious trip, in your beautiful words, my imagination flies effortlessly. Great series of photos.

  7. Thanks for allowing us to share the ride. The cold blah air and the road salt slush puddles here make open air drives this time of year yuck.

  8. Dearest Joanny,
    So where are you my beauty goddess friend...wishing unpon a starry galaxy in your silky red dancing tempo with the tango? Missing you|

  9. a beautiful write... indeed the universe is hidden by hundred artificial lights ...
    lovely write

  10. Ahh, P-town at nite. It is a wonderful site. I love walking in the Rose Garden in the rain with the buds left unbloomed and the life of the city blinking below the hill. Loved this.

  11. I enjoyed this journey you shared with us. Excellent!

  12. " No need to look up"...only in the city, a lightshow to match the stars.
    Love the lively leaf..and welcome home!!

  13. Loved the "author of the blog." I read the notes and pictures again starting from the "author of the blog," and by Jove, the perspective was wonderful.

    Joanny, loved the way you give intrinsic self to the maple leaf. Everything is indeed connected to everything else.

    Joy always,

  14. Home safe without a ticket...Great Job!
    Great Photo's...Great Pins!
    You Rock Great North West Baby!!

  15. Such a tantalizing experience on the senses, simply beautiful, really love the play on light and sound.

  16. Definitely can relate to this one! love the hour glass effect- zooming in and out between
    various levels of awareness- and I agree
    city lights and stars both take turns in beauty.
    Driving (especially with music)clears the soul... Thanks!

  17. exciting piece, I anticipated what's next....

  18. Beautiful words and pictures! I love all of them >=P

  19. That was a hell of a car rid, I got goose bumps, beautiful. Nice set of gams too.
    In answer to you, I liked Clinton's office, agree about Jimmy Carter he was such a nice Guy.
    Yesterday 50 in Maine, today 20 crazy weather. Big hug to you, lovely Joanny


  20. ich liebe das Licht Deiner Bilder
    Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz

  21. Stunning. So much here. The energy of the city, the great web of connection, the stars and the earth lights ... and you, dear Joanny. Wonderful. Thank you.

  22. 3 French Hens
    2 Turtle Doves...i LOVED this!!! and the raindrops rhythmic beat

    ...and you have nice legs joanny (think as a woman i'm allowed to comment on them...smiles)

  23. What a fantastic poem - I could feel every verse of it in my heart and soul. The photography illustrated it all to perfection. Very sensual and exotic, erotic!

  24. What a ride! Nice One Shot!

    P.S. - the author's got nice gams! ;)

  25. Hi Lovely Joanny, you are so sweet! Thank you for putting our books on your sidebar..much appreciated.
    CArla xx

  26. oh Joanny, you images are always such have made the season a delight...bkm

  27. The interlacing of poetic lines and images is excellent. Love the line "Rain drops like silver glisten." Perfect title to begin this journey. Cheers

  28. The lights and sounds of the city always bring excitement. Loved your trip through it all, Joanny.

  29. I find your photography to be particularly inspiring. And I love the last photo:)

  30. This was awesome :) It was a night out for me, like I hardly ever get :) I loved the beginning and I'm such a night person, although I rarely get to see it. I'm glad the driver made it home safe. Sigh. I can almost feel the relief of kicking the darling pumps off at the door :) Miss you and glad I came to visit. XOXO, Kel

  31. So glad to be finally catching up with all the beauty I've been missing here. Merry Christmas, Joanny.

  32. You had me mesmerized by the stars and the wipers; all lulled into your magic words and journey. Glad we made it home in one piece.

  33. Well, a place in Paradise here!
    All the words, the images speak about your soul and way of seeing life!
    Thank you!
    I wish you all my best!
    Regards from Romania!

  34. The author of The Dowser's Daughter has extremely awesome gams!!

    And taste in photos. And word combos.