Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Morn - Silver Lining

"Was I deceived, or did a sable cloud
Turn forth her silver lining on the night?" 

 Milton's (1634)
 * * *
Emerging under a canopy of cloudy skies,
the pale gold of a new day
in silence - makes it's entry 
this wet December morn.
Rain drops sprinkled by swaying branches
glitter against my window pane
they live - like a memory of a dream 
that never grows old, and the darkness
of night evaporates in the interplay 
of the pale light of the dawn, 

There at the edge where 
water and light embrace
to be united and absorbed
join in the wilderness
with the call of one solitary bird
breaking the silence - with sustained grace 
ushers in the miracle of the morning
of this incredible place! 


Imperfect prose  


  1. OK, I love this . . . I've always had a thing for wet window panes, and seeing the world like Monet. You've nailed it.
    I'm ready to join the Joanny fan club.
    Looking forward to more of your work . . .

  2. Hey Joanny. Well I love it and not just because you say "a new day" twice ;) You always pen such beautiful poetry. We had the first flakes of winter today that actually stuck to the ground. My girls are thrilled! You seem content with your rain drops though. Life is grand with nature's gifts

  3. with your worded artistry i have stumbled onto a mother lode of talented poets here, and it is exciting to join in with you, the finest of the finest. rain on, it is dry inside?

    i like.

  4. white roses is one of my favorite flowers.

  5. The first picture is so pretty, as someone has already mentioned, makes me think about impressionism

  6. Hi Joanny

    I like these roses so very much,
    it's a beauty with these raindrops.

    well done !!

    greetings and a nice day.


  7. The window is like looking through life in a dream. The roses a pure delight.
    Blessings sent from Oz.

  8. Beautiful pictures and words Joanny. The first picture is like a painting.
    Hugs from Berit.

  9. Something about looking through a wet pane of glass makes me reflective. Thanks for making me think Joanny.

  10. The first photo is fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

  11. the flowers are gorgeous. And the feathers are inspiring - I aspire to float freely like a feather :) Than you for the lovely moment.

  12. with the call of one solitary bird
    breaking the silence - with sustained grace
    ushers in the miracle of the morning
    of this incredible place!

    joanny, this is incredible. i love the sustained grace.... the miracle of the morning... the wet of december day...

    and the photo matches perfectly. i think this is one of my favorites of yours. so well done.

  13. Very nice. We have many mornings obscured by the gel focus of rain washed windows.

  14. there is a deep beauty in your words between the drops....

  15. A beautiful and evocative abstract of rainfall on the glass and reflections, and a great poem. They deserve and shake hands each other.

  16. you are not the rain...
    you are the liquid glass...
    dear joanny.

    you are not the solitary feather...
    you are the down...

    you are not the rose...
    you are the rimmed colored petal...

    speak to me...and let me, as always ...lose myself here.