Friday, August 20, 2010

Word Escapes - Friday Flash 55

I slip into this realm,
through the fringes
of my consciousness,
my spirit is set free.
I stand on top of Mt Everest,
sail around the world
and dive into the deepest ocean.
Their words can make me
laugh, cry, angry, bewildered,
and love with all my heart and soul. 
I wonder how the authors knew?

This was written for Friday Flash 55 hosted by G-Man
click on the links to see what G-Man and other notables have penned in 55 words, easier then I think, harder then I thought. 

photos fffound


  1. great pic...makes me smile as i love to read and will find myself stuck on particularly good passages in the most unusual where they take me though...nice 55...

    ps. is it supposed to be "can me" or "call me"...

  2. See?
    That wasn't so hard was it?
    Words can take you to the most amazing places can't they?
    I'm very honored that you gave this a GO, I hope you found this to be a creative, formidable, and FUN challenge.
    Thanks for playing today Joanny, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!!

    (Your pics were TERRIFIC...WOW!!!)

  3. thanks Brian, fixed it, glad you liked it, - yes to the most unusual places- in mind, body and spirit.--- enjoy your week end, joanny

  4. G-man
    glad I gave it a whirl, and happy you approve of the pics, likewise on your photo inspiration, I would like to take credit and say I posed for it but alas, not my style of shoes.

    Have a good week end

  5. So beautiful, I like the tub one!

    Happy weekend :)

  6. So true. The sign of a great artist is that their work can subtly entreat to the mind of man, can stir us, arouse emotions, awaken senses. Your poem is transporting and a ode to artistic transportation.

  7. oh yes - reading gives us wings to fly and allow us to dream and escape to places we wouldn't have thought of…very nice 55 joanny - and i always wonder if you first have the pics or the words..

    mine is up as well

  8. Ahhh, reading you described it so well; thanks, Joanny.

  9. absolutely beautiful!! Love the new look as well!! happy friday!

  10. magical 55,
    Glad to see you shine along...
    it is not as hard as you have imaged.

    Happy Friday!

  11. Books are gateways to so many wonderful and magical worlds. You can go anywhere and everywhere, do anything, gorge yourself and never get fat, sing and dance, laugh and cry, all without leaving your favorite chair. How wonderful is that?

    Glad you joined the 55 party.

  12. You nailed this one. Great images as well. My 55 is also up.

  13. I wonder what section that woman was filed under - where's my guide to the Dewey Decimal System?

  14. ah... it is beautiful. : ) Have a great weekend!

  15. Great job! The photos were inspired and so were the words you so carefully chose.

    Mine's (55) Fifteen is far too young . . .

  16. The best part is about how did the author know...chilling and thrilling...just how the written word should be! If only I looked that good in a tub...sigh.

  17. yes we can travel to places unknown with just a it:)

  18. Yes, how did the authors know? They were canny enough to commit their thoughts and experiences at least. So thankful for that! :)

  19. Ahhh, escapism, that's why I love to read.

    Mine’s here.

  20. Like your new header,

    The photo's go so well with the writing. Lovely.


  21. Yes ... and I wonder how the photographer of the first photo knew ... and you!

    Absolutely lovely ...

  22. Yessss! I just wonder how the author knew???--grin! Or...maybe the authors are human, just like us peeps?

    You write good "55"'s and they ARE easy. I think i've blogrolled you, not sure. Too many there, I cannot get to them all and ride LOL. Got lots of scooter miles, see ya!