Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Afternoon of Unexpected Delight

The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected. –Swedish proverb with intention
 I gaze out my window, overlooking the bay,
The morning air is all awash in a sensual mist,
iridescent colors encompasses my world
painting my day with every color
in between a rainbows sigh. 

A soothing sea breeze floating toward the shore
carries the bitter tang of sea salt caught
on the tip of my tongue.
Steam rises from my cup of coffee
it scents the air surrounding me.

There is magic in its' fragrance, that fills my lungs.
Deeply I inhale ancient times and ancient lands
Imbued with memories of lost civilizations.
Surge of feeling, senses reeling
Feeling the sense of synchronicity,
A passionate wind seeks my soul.

 Rocking in the quiet waters of the sea
my unconscious mind is electrified.
No longer bound by logic,
the dichotomy of my mind
dissolves in a nebulous haze.

In one blissful Utopian moment,
time ceases to exist,
Something draws me to this place
where only the waves of time
knew where this journey leads.

 I step out and walk through a timeless maze
my eyes pause on a watery trail,
where small boats are gently rocking,
the seascape glistens
and splashing waves sparkle
in a meandering crook.

In these quiet moments I think of you
Just a glimpse a fragment seen
your image lingers there,

while I await your arrival at my shore.

poem written for. one shot poetry -   
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hosted by Adam Dustus

photo 1,7 Burano,Italy-apartment therapy
photo 2 Burano, Italy  -Italian Notebook
photo 3 tumblr lady and coffee cup
photo 5 water reflections,
photo 4,6 Cannero- Italy Italian notebook
photo 8 babara


  1. what a wonderful journey you took us on today joanny...i think i sighed as that little place by the sea...and hope he washes up on your shore...smiles. nice oneshot!

  2. This is one of the most beautiful blogs I have read, the pics are somesome and the words wonderful.


  3. I am with Brian, I sighed too...awesome is all I have to say...your blog makes such a statement, it's wonderful be come here Joanny!! Keep writing my dear friend x

  4. some wonderful visuals to go with such wonderful words..yep sighing too..thanks for sharing..Pete

  5. Wow, I love your posts, Joanny! "Surge of feeling, senses reeling/ Feeling the sense of synchronicity,/ A passionate wind seeks my soul." The descriptions match the images very well, and the images are quite outstanding. cheers

  6. Beautiful, mesmerizing poetry, Joanny and accompanied by the most wonderful photographs - your posts are always a delight. The proverb is also brilliant :)

  7. I was gong to say this reads like a fine poem...then realized it is Wednesday!
    and yes...wonderful dreamy poem
    and some photos look like monet

  8. Beautiful poem. I loved the ride.

  9. "in between a rainbows sigh" eloquent, love it! This poem reminds me of being on vacation and just letting images and thoughts flow without worry.

  10. I love the pict of reflection in the water

  11. I echo the sentiments of Brian and buttercup. I love visiting you, it is such a treat.

    ~ Tracy

  12. Dear Joanny,
    This is Amazing! I feel like someone walked into my mind, heart and soul and wrote down what sits within me. These are thougts I have almost daily!!! Thank you for sharing!! I see who it was written for and who hosted it and where the images are from but who wrote this?
    You!?! AMAZING!

  13. Lovely words and pictures, as always, Joanny!

  14. Oh how lovely Joanny ... what a magical journey this was. Such beautiful words & imagery.

  15. Any photos with a reflection are so telling. Sometimes they say more than we are willing to sit and listen to. I was listening and loving :)

  16. The second picture is so beutiful!

  17. LOVELY... the entire poem was full of romanticism... the imagery was fantastic, and the pictures - STUNNING!
    So wonderfully you have described the attraction to a place, the finer points of interest, the teensy weensy features that are so captivating, the memories associated with the place - everything!
    It was an absolutely fascinating read! Brought back some lovely memories to my mind as well... :)

  18. this was really beautiful joanny and i too hope he turns up on your shore... i love the pic with the lady amongst all those cups of coffee - made me smile and made me wanna have a cup of coffee...

  19. Colorful and Breathtaking...Thanks Joanny!

  20. Joanny you're the queen of magical journeys, loved the images and the poem is among the sweetest and most romantic i have read so far. Am fascinated dear :)

    Wild Rose~

  21. painting my day with every color between a rainbow's sigh

    what a beautiful line. It is no wonder so many people are sighing. You just pour love down in your words. I feel the love just being in your presence. Beautiful

  22. Since I'm an artist (painter), I love your first pic because of the colors!

  23. gorgeous photo-poem1 I feel like I'm on vacation just reading it1 Nicely done!

  24. This is like a lovely dream, drifting lazily along. I especially like "every color in between a rainbows sigh." It pairs so well with the picture of the colors reflected on the water.

  25. Such a vivid journey, Joanny! I was quite taken with every step I took along your word/picture path. This made me smile wide and happy. Thanks to you! :)

  26. thx for visiting back :D
    wish I can take those color of water reflection
    because houses in my country aren't that colorful
    lucky you live near that place :D

  27. breathe taking piece...
    what beautiful images you have there.

  28. We all need the occasional journey like that.
    "the dictorionary of my mind" great description

    "Something draws me to this place
    where only the waves of time
    knew where this journey leads."

    But these are the lines that realy stick with me. Talking of peole who travel through oceans of time...

    Wonderful - great blog you have here too

  29. Such round, voluptuous description ... felt like I was right on the journey with you ... 'inhale ancient times and ancient lands" ... "surge of feeling" ... the sort of phrasing that stays with one. Evocative.

    Wonderful pic's. Altogether, great One Shot Wednesday post.