Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Messages in a Bottle

The morning sun has already risen,
the waters are deep the waves wide,    
while smaller waves lap at the shore.
I feel the sunshine warming my skin
As I walk along the edge of the shore
my gaze turns toward the sky
where mindless clouds chase each other,
and seagulls are heard squawking overhead.
The beach path is covered with seaweed and shells,
Small pockets of tide pools
conceal crabs and brightly colored starfish.
Sea lions bobble out on the ocean
looking like small coconuts floating the central current.
 I inhale and take a deep breath in
of the sweet smell of sea roses as it reaches the shore.
Night spirits inventiveness made tangible
and the explosion of day light
create sand of memories,
where hours before once stood proud castles.
An unforeseen event within
the swirling mists and waves,
a voyage made of ten thousand miles,
casting centuries aside,
the barrier of time and distance shattered,
the ancient image stares.
I surrender into its timeless beauty
allowing my soul to feel
a thousand varieties of tender emotion.
I held the ancient bottle in my hands,
and ask the clear blue ocean--- how old is this?
Treading into a timeless wonder,
 engulfed in the rapture of bliss
 the veil of time is lifted
glimpses of love-soaked memories,
sensual  and lovely scenes
appear in vain,

Following the wind -ten thousand miles,
 time and time again,
 two lovers who suffered since ancient times
through sorrow of parting at sea,
the ocean is filled by drop
after drop of their tears.
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  1. first, it would be so cool to find a message in a bottle...i love how the waves answered you and i could feel for lovers seperated, yet depeate enough to float a message in a bottle....nice oneshot joanny

  2. Very romantic One Shot, Joanny. And I'm with Brian. I would love to find a message in a bottle.

  3. Lovely! I like the way you tell a story with words and pictures intertwined.

  4. i enjoyed reading this - messages in a bottle - would love to find one - they are so mysterious and such histories behind it...think for the whole evening this song "message in a bottle" from police will hum around in my head...

  5. Very romantic visuals you create with your poem. Really made me feel the sea spray and smell the ocean breeze. Excellent One Shot.

  6. Joanny...
    Fantastic Story!
    It sure swept me away from here for awhile. Just like what all brilliant writers can do!
    Very Nice....G

  7. You must have lived by the Sea your whole life, that was so inspiring, Joanny.
    I always wanted to find a bottle with a message. My luck it would say "go to hell". LOL.

  8. what a fabulous poem friend, very well written, thank you for visiting me and for your kind comments :)

  9. I've that Police song in my head too... Your post combines such great detail and story with my favorite place in the world, the ocean. Keep rocking, Joanny.

  10. A beautifully romantic poem, Joanny. It captures the joy, magnificence and mesmerising wonder of both love and Nature.

  11. The timelessness of love... The images you write are so evocative and so lovely.

  12. Yes, I would ask the ocean the very same thing with such a treasure in my hands. Lovely evocation of love and nature, Joanny. :)

  13. Ohhh..dear Joanny,this story is so sweet!i love the pictures,message in a bottle is so romantic! what an idea..AMAZING! but hey,i love reading you always Joanny,you captured my heart already..:))

  14. oops, lost my post. Darn.

    Lovely walk upon the shore with you dear woman. I love the ocean and could hear the waves and gulls crying out to us as we walked along. I thank you for your generous words and thoughts you left for me.

  15. So romantic! I always hoped for a message that included a treasure map . . .

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  17. so lovely. Thx, i like it

  18. made me walk that beach with you..and then to find a message..even more wow..a great poem..cheers pete

  19. Wow, such lovely imagery, very beautiful poem. One of the best I've come across.

  20. very nice work... i especially like the lines

    "my gaze turns toward the sky / where mindless clouds chase each other, / and seagulls are heard squawking overhead."

    "mindless clouds" is what helps me heal, thank you.

  21. super nice
    telling about meesage in a bottle, I wish my married invitation will be messgae in the bottle someday.LOL
    and have u ever listen to a song with tittle message in the bottle?

  22. The sea, sand castles, messages in bottles. Tres romatic!! Lovely piece, Joanny.

  23. As usual Joanny, your imagery is just brilliant!
    The scene played thru' my head.. I felt like I was the one at the shore, picking up the bottle and seeing and hearing all those stories it held...
    This was absolutely beautiful, and so full of romance!!!

    In today's world of emails and texting, a message in a bottle almost sounds musical.. lovely!!!! How it would've held the songs of the ocean, the sweet smells of all lives it crossed, the sights of depths.. AWESOME!

  24. your pictures evoke so many lovely dreams and thoughts...
    divine poem!

  25. The sea and lovers - ahhh my favorites and a touch of enchantment added

    love your way with words my dear

    glad One Shot got to read your beauty

    Moon Smiles

  26. I enjoyed your poem and it was timely as I just returned from a quick trip to the beach. It was nice to have a few moments to look at the waves and think.

  27. How romantic! And wouldn't it be wonderful to find a note in a bottle?The oceanside scenes- perfect!

    Are you a Pisces?