Thursday, August 26, 2010

Come Pick Your Pleasure!

Strawberries, sweet cherries take your pick
the luscious fruit give off
the sun-kissed scent of summer,
smelling at times like burnt
sugar cubes dipped in the sun,
leaving some of their fragrance in my hand.

Tart and tempting,
the smell of green apples soothes,
this warm and sensual scent
conjures up homey pleasures.

Intoxicating aromas of fresh-picked
tomatoes, red currants, leafy greens,
parsley and sage, picked fresh from the garden
mingles with an earthy musk scent.

Lush, juicy peaches invokes childhood memories
of homemade canned peaches
smothered in rich cream. 

Refreshing, clean juicy scent of
super sweet watermelon,
transports me instantly to
re-experience in all its splendor
a sense luscious time of delirious fun.

A superbly fragrant blend of citrus fruit
enhanced by berries, and florals,
elevate it above the edible realm. 

Lavender, pine, spruce and cedar,
an unexpected  pleasing blend of aromas
soothes my soul and delight my senses.

A serendipitous moment
Wisps of woody smoke drift
across the lavender-tinged sky
as the sun's glow fades into dusk.

A fairy tale ingredient
Left in the garden to steep overnight,
the fragrance of honeysuckle and rose petals
blends with the night air under the moonlight.



  1. joanny your post is a feast for the senses...i would take fruit any day over other desert and the smell of woodsmoke and honeysuckle each carry such memory...wonderful write...

  2. Okay Joanny, now I'm flippin' hungry. Mission accomplished! :P

  3. Luscious beauty of everday gifts!

  4. A senses feast! Fruit is so sensual . . the colors, the textures, the fragrance, the taste! The lavender sky and scent. The moon. So much here to love!

  5. Oh, Joanny, this is beautiful ... the perfect paring of poem and pix (as always) ... and such a sensual delight. Must be lovely now in Oregon ... ruggedly lovely state. But for family here in Northern California, I might retire there ...

    But this brings my visits back. So vivid:Lavender and lavender skies, smokey scents, pine, the wealth of colorful fruit, the Rogue River (yes!)... I saw an eagle's nest there for the first time. Nights rich with the scent of honeysuckle ...

    This is delightful. Thank you, Joanny!

    Hugs to you ... and happy Rally.

    You must have wonderful farmers' markets ...

  6. The igniting of senses came to life through your written words... thank you for that gift today!

  7. joanny, this is one yummmmmmmmy post!!! excellently written! =)

    Of Fun and Friendship

  8. Oh, my tummy is rumbling now! This post is just a cornucopia of nature's beauty and bounty! Gorgeous!

  9. Beautiful pictures:)

    Have a nice evening:)


  10. I think your fairy powers made me smell this prose. "Burnt sugar cubes dipped in the sun"...aaahhhhh

  11. you have such a sense for beauty joanny….sigh…
    thanks for passing on the award to me - so nice.. hugs - claudia

  12. i LOVE this sensual journey... i love how i could taste and smell and feel each piece of fruit and summer and smell that night-heady honeysuckle (which carries a different odor than its daytime cousin i think!)

  13. hey my blog has been updated, pay your usual visit with ur sweet comment, my dear friend..

  14. how alluring for every single sense, and if only in thoughts.

  15. lovely as always,
    I wish I could have some...

  16. Well done.

    With little one duty here, we don't spend much time with our fruit and vegetable garden. We did get a few cherries from the tree, and the large and cherry tomatoes have been plentiful.

  17. whisps of woody smoke drift... i love how you weave photos with words... you are a gift. thank you for linking. xo

  18. Your words are delightful. As I was reading, I thought of all the wonderful choices we have, of how certain scents and tastes can fill our senses with wonderful memories. Thank you.