Thursday, August 5, 2010

Early to Rise

Early to rise, I woke to a new day, a new beginning.
When my feet touch upon the brown carpeted path,
 the morning dew lets loose a dense fragrance
that rises from the rich brown sandy soil, 
As I wander out this August morn to the river’s edge,
I am greeted by imperceptible beauty,
it gave my mind a mystical pull.
Rays of sunlight filter through the water
I close my eyes and imagine floating
on my back in a sea of clouds,
Feeling myself rock and sway as they pass below me.
I take a deep breath in … filled with love, light and passion.      
My  breath out…evanescence into loves watery embrace.
Without a care in the world , 
I watch Cumulus clouds  go drifting  by
Looking like puffy pieces of floating cotton candy
The water rises and falls 
as the waves float from one shore
to the other like glittering butterflies.
I am held captive by clouds caught in a watery reflection
Watching as they shuffle from side to side
like people on a dance floor.
I cannot help but wonder if I could float higher, 
Could I sail through the heavens
And my heart  touch the sky?
Just when I thought I could get higher,
 my dreams float back down to the shore ,
So I dance and sing on our
brown sandy shore once more.  

poem written for
emily wierenga

photo #1 morning breeze - pino
photo #3  fffound- susanna majuros
photo #4 Barbara
photo#5 fffound woman white shadow


  1. this is lovely joanny - you always chose your pictures with such great care

  2. Beautifully scripted poetry...

  3. It is amazing to me that we, for now, only see darkly, that even creation waits and groans to be all it is meant to be. And we will fly because it won't be just a dream.

    "Indescribable, uncontainable,
    You place the stars in the sky
    And you know them by name,
    You are amazing, God."

    from Chris Tomlin's "Indescribable"

  4. Beautiful, Joanny, truly beautiful. Your words utterly transported me to that serene paradise. One really feels the magnificence of nature in this piece. I adored these lines especially:

    "I cannot help but wonder if I could float higher,
    Could I sail through the heavens
    And my heart touch the sky?"

  5. oh joanny, this is so beautiful. i LOVE how you link words with photos. i love the way you make me escape and the way i cannot NOT keep reading... you have such gift. thank you for linking up. xo

  6. beautiful joanny...head in the clouds, feet in the earth...after reading this i might just dance as well...smiles.

  7. Beautiful words and images, each enhancing the other. Well done, I felt I was there with you, waking, walking, floating, drifting back to the brown earth. Thanks!

  8. Yes, it's like Brian says: "head in the clouds, feet in the earth". These are sensuous words that evoke a great desire to reconnect with all that is. Wonderful! :)

  9. loved this. great post. glad to have found you at emily's place...

  10. Wonderful. Such a feeling when you feel that mystical pull Thank you for posting

  11. lovely piece,
    wild imaginations,
    which makes it magical!

  12. Keeping yourself light in thought is a great way to begin the day. Although I'm ending my day as I read this, it will be with me come morning light. I am on vacation, my balcony over looks the ocean. The horizon is one perfect line, with nothing piercing through it :)

  13. Bravo joanny. Great Wtiting.Happy T.T.

  14. Joanny, thank you for your kind and encouraging words on my post as well. I wish you did live nearby. I love creating with other people.

  15. A peaceful poem, Joanny. Thank you.

    [You are right that Lama Tsering Wangdu is based in Nepal; Kathmandu Valley is where his monastery is - and did you know he has a Facebook account, too? I'll certainly be posting more of my Nepal photos over time. Glad you enjoyed.]

  16. Your imagination makes us fly. I love that you think of every day as a new beginning.

  17. Beautiful! perfect matching of words with pictures ... and I could picture myself there dancing on the shore, too. A nice respite from this season of bed rest. Great to "meet" you through emily's place.

  18. lovely post.

    The pictures and the poem are breathtaking!


  19. Love seeing where your dreams take you.

    thanks for sharing a piece of you

    Love from the moon

  20. beautiful as usual. have a great weekend my dear.

  21. Thank~you so much for the kind words today, I actually enjoyed visiting your blog this morning but it was the last one I had the chance to read before I had to run my morning errands and I wanted to take the time to read again and enjoy some more before I commented :-)
    I see you like old books and old wine, those are two things that go hand in hand and that I enjoy as well. Your pictures and use of words are enjoyable.

  22. Wonderful poem. Stunning pictures. A perfect package. Thank you, my fiend. Have a good weekend. :=_

  23. Beautiful! Isn't it incredible when you feel that mystical pull. Thank you for your kind words.

  24. This is absolutely beautiful - the words and pictures. Amazing.

  25. dreams are so lovely aren't they?. This is a wonderful creation you've put together.

  26. If only . . . if only we could touch the sky. On the other hand, what would dreams be without this earth to ground them?

  27. The images and the words go together so all rolled in one. Lovely.

  28. I long to dance on the beach before this summer is over. You take me there with your words.

  29. Lovely post! (I wish I looked like that just waking up.)

  30. Vicki ,
    I so enjoyed that. It lifted my spirits.
    Beautiful. Yvonne

  31. Joanie I am trying to many tasks this morning and called you Vicki I think. Sorry. Too much going on here. yvonne


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  33. Beautiful lines and imaginative storytelling; all will great imagery to complement the words. Enjoyed very much. You always post great work.

  34. So soft and lyrical. The photographs were a lovely addition.