Friday, August 13, 2010

A Flight of Fancy

Sultry August summer has peaked,
almost turning to fall
Fleeting  thoughts of  moonlight
walks on the beach,
Sweet and wistful
memories of eating cotton candy
And my loves lingering
sugary kisses on my lips,
as we dissolved our
boundaries in mutual bliss
one  golden summer day.
                                                                                                             Our summer romance, 
all gone too quickly
as I watch this summer go,
too soon the cooler winds of change
echo -- Come it is time to go
bringing  different colors,  different shades, 
gone will be the blush of roses, 
as leaves turn scarlet and golden    
tell them my love
how you have tasted
summers savory delights
thoughts of your sensual kisses linger,
but our summer passions dimmer,
I will leave you behind,
without an embracing goodbye,
before the seasons change, 
my summer love.


Jingles Thursday Poets Rally Week 26 (August 12-18)

 photo credit #2 goolge inage -beach star fish