Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Afternoon of Unexpected Delight

The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected. –Swedish proverb with intention
 I gaze out my window, overlooking the bay,
The morning air is all awash in a sensual mist,
iridescent colors encompasses my world
painting my day with every color
in between a rainbows sigh. 

A soothing sea breeze floating toward the shore
carries the bitter tang of sea salt caught
on the tip of my tongue.
Steam rises from my cup of coffee
it scents the air surrounding me.

There is magic in its' fragrance, that fills my lungs.
Deeply I inhale ancient times and ancient lands
Imbued with memories of lost civilizations.
Surge of feeling, senses reeling
Feeling the sense of synchronicity,
A passionate wind seeks my soul.

 Rocking in the quiet waters of the sea
my unconscious mind is electrified.
No longer bound by logic,
the dichotomy of my mind
dissolves in a nebulous haze.

In one blissful Utopian moment,
time ceases to exist,
Something draws me to this place
where only the waves of time
knew where this journey leads.

 I step out and walk through a timeless maze
my eyes pause on a watery trail,
where small boats are gently rocking,
the seascape glistens
and splashing waves sparkle
in a meandering crook.

In these quiet moments I think of you
Just a glimpse a fragment seen
your image lingers there,

while I await your arrival at my shore.

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photo 1,7 Burano,Italy-apartment therapy
photo 2 Burano, Italy  -Italian Notebook
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