Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Messages in a Bottle

The morning sun has already risen,
the waters are deep the waves wide,    
while smaller waves lap at the shore.
I feel the sunshine warming my skin
As I walk along the edge of the shore
my gaze turns toward the sky
where mindless clouds chase each other,
and seagulls are heard squawking overhead.
The beach path is covered with seaweed and shells,
Small pockets of tide pools
conceal crabs and brightly colored starfish.
Sea lions bobble out on the ocean
looking like small coconuts floating the central current.
 I inhale and take a deep breath in
of the sweet smell of sea roses as it reaches the shore.
Night spirits inventiveness made tangible
and the explosion of day light
create sand of memories,
where hours before once stood proud castles.
An unforeseen event within
the swirling mists and waves,
a voyage made of ten thousand miles,
casting centuries aside,
the barrier of time and distance shattered,
the ancient image stares.
I surrender into its timeless beauty
allowing my soul to feel
a thousand varieties of tender emotion.
I held the ancient bottle in my hands,
and ask the clear blue ocean--- how old is this?
Treading into a timeless wonder,
 engulfed in the rapture of bliss
 the veil of time is lifted
glimpses of love-soaked memories,
sensual  and lovely scenes
appear in vain,

Following the wind -ten thousand miles,
 time and time again,
 two lovers who suffered since ancient times
through sorrow of parting at sea,
the ocean is filled by drop
after drop of their tears.
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