Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vintage - silk, lace and pearls

A friend called and was beside herself... almost to the point of tears..  she is getting married , well no that isn't what is upsetting her.  She has looked for over a year for a traditional 'white wedding' dress.  Sarah knows what she wants, and she can describe it with ease, well for one it has to be white - and two elegant but not over the top. Traditional but not off the rack... Okay then .. sounds easy enough I said to her.  Not quite what she wanted to hear. She replied, "Well then if it is so easy help me find the perfect 'white' dress."   Okay this is going to be fun, why not go vintage?  I adore vintage shops and on line vintage catalog's. I picked out a few  for Sarah to choose from using an online vintage store beautiful online vintage collectibles from Victorian-Edwardian, Flapper-WW11, Mid-Century, Designer & Couture.  Some of these creations came from Hollywood stars.  There are a lot more styles to choose from  not just wedding dresses. Wonderful place to browse. Ten of the vintage designer dresses were donated to the Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events", with Jim Carrey and Merryl Streep.

The first one is a personal favorite - Ostrich and beaded satin  ca.1935. -- Can you guess which dress Sarah choose?
 Ostrich and beaded satin ca. 1935  
  I would feel like Ginger Rodgers floating around all night
in this dreamy creation- and one of a kind. I would not want to stop dancing. 

Ruffled Charmense and lace, ca. 1920
A true flapper dress- beautiful details with the rosettes and vines climbing down the dress
A Romantic Harlow Floral Fantasy, ca 1930
Uncommonly beautiful detailing, ca. 1930 

Vine beaded Taffeta, ca 1935
This one is a timeless creation-the bead work is fantastic -made for a Princess
A Harlowesque Dress 

Deco Satin and Lace ensemble, ca. 1940
Jean Harlow for sure-- The lace jacket makes this sleeveless dress.
Dual length Satin and Lace, ca 1950
If you have great legs this is the one to show them off.
Another great dress to dance in comfortably and stay looking good.
Fairy Tale dress very Jackie O
Ivory Chiffon Plisse, ca 1970
A dress made for an angel deva - very soft and feminine 
Balmain, embroidery & pearls,  ca, 1970
Elegant  white voile over yellow satin - made for a Princess 
Princess Anne of France
 A Grecian goddess Dress, ca 1975
by Mary McFadden, designer