Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tweedledee and Tweedledum = The Vintage White Dress

Time is running out for my dear friend Sarah, I have made the mistake and gave her too many choices, and since discovered two heads are not better then one after all. Not wanting to be rude -- I did say that she could always elope and get married in Las Vegas at the White Chapel -- in lieu of wearing a 'white dress'. Any attire works there. She did managed to narrow her choices down to three dresses with one big hitch. If you follow along to the end you will see what I mean.

This beautiful dress is found on and it is designed by Mary McFadden ca 1975- A timeless Grecian style gown with straps that are dotted with tiny pearl beads.
The Third Choice.

Adolfo Sardia ca 1975 A beautiful creation of flowing chiffon with a fitted bodice of lace. 
The second choice

A stunning creation of taffeta with foliate bead work on the bodice and upper portion of the skirt. I love the sculptural petals crowning the top of the bodice hiding the shoulder straps.
Vine beaded taffeta, ca 1935
The First Choice  . .

until. . .
 She went and perused on her own at the  and found this lovely creation
I did not pick it out  - dismissing it because of the fur collar --however it is detachable.  When Sarah saw the remake of The Red Shoes  she fell in love with the designer of that beautiful peacock blue gown that rivaled the color of the sea worn by the enchanting Moira Shearer, Lady Kennedy. 

The Dress:  designed by Jacques' Fath  was one of his grandest creations. The gown was of an iridescent blue with a hint of green, made from a very lightweight pleated fabric that floats like clouds. Perfection down to the last detail. 
The enchanting Moira Shearer, Lady Kennedy- a scene from The Red Shoes
First Choice!
Jacques Fath, silk chiffon ca 1950
So now Sarah has four beautiful vintage dresses to chose from and two of which are in first place.  She likes the idea that she can remove the fur collar and replace it with with a silk and tulle floral collar dotted with pearl beads and prone set with jewel tone crystals that matches her floral bouquet and it makes it her very own. -