Sunday, March 28, 2010

Magpie Tales # 7 - Reawakened Memories

Swirling and rolling around – before sunrise to a thousand stars in the sky
This color - I think you know the one I mean - yellow with a sweet perfume
The sun may be a little warmer today,
While I drink in the joy, for I dare not stop
Dizzy dancing and watching the icicles melt away
Swirling and rolling around –waking up our sleepy heads
Bend and shiver reaching out with ghostly arms to feel
The brush of a curious hummingbird-
whirling and twirling
Stealing our sweet perfume
To spring showers and crazy March winds
Going to bed in wet clothes
That will dry outside in the morning sun
Something of their sweetness reawakens memories 
of a long time ago
image from
For the pretty yellow daffodil will soon reach
the apex of its bloom.
That draws me near to them   
While we are all dizzy dancing in our heads    

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