Friday, April 22, 2011

First Whispers of Spring

Survivor of the frost of winter
One who had the wilderness
For a pillow
Come spring a great singer

On tiny wings
Over branches, brambles & bushes
Tilts his head & begins to sing
The first whispers of spring
Blue sky sailing 
& green grass cities
Teaming with dragon flies,
Snakes & creepy crawly things.

& Thankful most of all

for God’s promise of spring.

Many birds 
theirs lives in this last harsh winter 
across most of Europe & USA

photo's :  2nd ffffound, 3rd tumblr,  6th ffffound,  7th frozen bird UK Google


  1. 1 AM Saturday--I have been 'sent' here, I think.
    "God's promise of Spring"...the renewal which never expires. Thank you for a lovely "55".

    (My father, deaf-blind, wrote me every week, I answered in braille --grin!) One week before he died--on April Fools' Day 1978--he wrote a most inspiring letter, and I'll make it an Easter post. I wish you'd check it out Sunday...I NEVER ask someone to 'read' my stuff!
    Thank you

  2. OH! Your pictorial is Outstanding!

  3. Aaaw! Feel sorry for the birdies.. very well played with words..

    Joanny, I love your images- wonder how well you do them.. :)

    Weekend Hugs

  4. By looking at your art this time - I feel that spring is in the air, just like here in Norway

    Happy Easter to you - Tommy

  5. Une bien jolie histoire, mais qui finit mal. Tes photos sont toutes extraordinaires. Bravo, Joanny, et bonnes fêtes de Pâques!

  6. I like you wonderfull images Joanny,
    specially the 55....... excellent !

    Greetings and a very nice easter.


  7. Happy Easter!
    You chose pictures so full of spring today!

  8. I agree with Ola. Your blog is a visual and virtual candy store!

  9. Only you could do such a beautiful post.
    I just clicked , didn't know what blog after the first quote, I said it Joanie..
    Happy Easter
    beautiful, inside and out.


  10. Sadly we don't have any variations in seasons but still we do enjoy what we get.

    Enjoyed this immensely.

    Joy always and wishes for a wonderful Easter,

  11. this is just beautiful joanny...i love dragonflies...and creepy crawly things...and this is perfect to me...smiles

  12. Joanny...
    The latest entries are always the best
    Beautifully wtitten, wonderfully uplifting.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Easter

  13. Delightful poem, in your words spring becomes even more exquisite. What a shame to see that poor bird da frozen.

  14. Beautiful words with beautiful photos Joanny. My daughter sent me photos of her recent hike through Punchbowl Falls and they were so gorgeous. I forget what the color green in nature really is living here vs. the NW. I hope you had a good..good Easter? All my best for a great week ahead.

    x Deb

  15. Just found your blog ... absolutely beautiful post!

  16. You tend to find just the right words for your unique images. Thank you for this post. The last photo is very sad :(

  17. what a truly beautiful post - i always love dropping by your also-beautiful blog, lady! such a pleasure to drop by here!

  18. I enjoyed your picture story! I am glad that I finally made it over from g-man's 55 to check it out.

    Click here to check my 55 out

  19. A beautiful tribute to spring, in words and pictures Joanny.
    Wish you a nice week.
    Hugs from,

  20. Spring is indeed very present in your post if not outside my door. Lovely. Embraceable.

  21. Un placer pasar por tu casa,
    si te gusta la poesía te invito a mi blog.
    que tengas una feliz semana.

  22. Incredibly lovely poem and images. Sad at the end about the birds that didnt make it. Poor critters. So great to have found you through Poets United!

  23. Thank you for the profound comment regarding Niki's post and child abuse. You are so on target! Cheers!

  24. Yes, the first whispers of spring are really nice, expected!!

    Spring is quite early and warm here, but I don't see many bees around yet, despite a lot of flowers really waiting for them!

  25. I want Spring to stop whispering and instead - yell, loudly!! It's cold here in Milwaukee! ;)

    I love this and the pictures are great, my fav is the one of the beaver in the birdhouse. lol

    Have a great day!

  26. Oh that little frozen bird is just so so sad, but I'm hoping he's singing in heaven.

    Cutest photo of the squirrel peeking out! So darling.

    Whispers of spring, no longer just rumors, but full blown gossip gone true.