Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cosmic Kismet

The winding black crack
Rising out of cosmic dust
Set flame with new stars 


Recently, astronomers using NASA’s Spitzer
infrared telescope shooting 
  a “funny cosmic black crack” photo
at a distance of 11,000 light years from 
Earth in the constellation Sagittarius.
The serpentine“black crack” is
formed by dust in the universe,
but this meandering “black crack” covers 
as large as dozens of the solar system. 
Not only that, It is very likely pregnant 
with new stars in the cracks.
We can see from the photos, 
orange and yellow spots in those cracks
which will be forming new stars. 
The spots will launch red light star embryos,
its mass will be approximately about 20 to 50 times the sun.

photo credits: NASA Goolge


  1. good that the black crack is so far away from us:)

  2. this is rally fascinating joanny...the stars and heavens have always been that way for me...thanks for brining this to our attention...

  3. L'univers se fait, se défait, se recrée en permanence. C'est une science encore bien inexplorée qui réservera bien des surprises à nos descendants.

  4. i enjoyed the depth of your tiny little words joanny, its like being there in the cosmic beauty..fascinating as always my dear..:)

  5. I am totally taken with some of the images from NASA's Hubble and Spitzer scopes. It's incredible art, you know? My head starts spinning though when I try to comprehend vast distances, like "11,000 light years." Gives new meaning to vastness!

    Good post, Joanny.

  6. The universe keeps on delivering, and mysteries turn into lovely poetry..a good exchange, I think..

  7. Great info and poetically done. Enjoyed that.

  8. Very good Joanny, thanks for your nice comments.

    greetings and best wishes, Joop

  9. Yes, I would like to work at NASA to take photos to those incredible colors and strange shapes! Interesting post!
    My regards!

  10. i love the idea of the universe being pregnant with new stars...beautiful spacy poem joanny

  11. producing life on scales eternal and ominous....what a thrilling and enchanting exsistence that we are priviledge to know...bkm

  12. The black crack is pregnant...time to schedule a baby meteor shower.

  13. This info is so interesting .. and you've found such a way to express that deal in your short poem... Lovely, Joanny!

  14. Fascinating and beautiful Joanny.
    I like to watch the starlights in cold winternights. Then it's very clear and you can see so many stars, and sometimes the northern light is playing over us, it's very beautiful.
    Wish you a nice day:)
    Greetings from,

  15. loved the all of this post, lady! aside from my love of such beautiful words, i've a love for all things cosmic! great piece - thanks so much for sharing!

  16. A black crack pregnant with new stars, 11,000 light years. I wanna go there!! :)

    Beautiful, Joanny. Mind and soul opening.

    And that Earth Egg photo is just TOO COOL.

    Yay, art is all.

    Jannie, wearing exercise pants and top but feeling as elegant as were I in that white gown!!


  17. Interesting shots, I like them.

  18. Aawman!!
    That's pretty intriguing.. :)
    I loved the illustrative image- 2nd one.. :)

    Thank you for updating us with this one!
    I so appreciate your lovely comment at my site.

    Hugs xox

  19. Isn't it fascinating, the things that happen in space? I'm not at all afraid of it. I just feel very small.

  20. I love it! The haiku that speaks so much in so less, moist with depth :)

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  21. Wow! I love how your beautiful haiku captured this fascinating bit of cosmic magic.

  22. An interesting and topical haiku/senryu... thank you, Joanny

    Luke x

  23. Beautiful and thought-provoking...could look at those pictures and think about the words for a long time.

  24. I didn't know about this. Something to read up about. Dramatic photos.