Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sayonara --Lovers Tea Ceremony

Sayonara means Good bye My love and so much more

Sayonara, Japanese goodbye
Whisper sayonara but you mustn't cry
Sayonara, if it must be so
Whisper sayonara, smiling as we go
No more we stop to see pretty cherry blossoms
No more we 'neath the tree looking at the sky
Sayonara, sayonara

Sayonara is one of my favorite movies even though it is some what dated, this 1957 vintage classic film found it's way to my albeit small collection of DVD's.

Encase you have never seen this movie or long since forgotten the beauty without giving away too much of this story line, I invite you to watch this movie -- or at the very least listen to the beautiful melodious voice of Miiko Taka,  a Japanese American Actress, born in Seattle, Washington with the you tube displayed above.  

Sayonara  does a very good job in giving an accurate and educational tour of Japanese culture, including the main theatrical styles of kabuki, noh, bunraku and Takurazuka, and practices such as the tea ceremony.

A Lover's Tea Ceremony!

I cannot think of a more beautiful  way to celebrate your love with your partner then to make the effort to create  a meaningful ceremony or ritual then to learn the Art of the Tea Ceremony. 

I am not a purist on such rituals as I believe it is more important to set time aside to be with your loved one in a quiet space without the outside world intruding and develop your own ritual, perhaps derived from your own cultural roots. 

The Japanese Tea Ceremony first emerged, and was  created by a Zen priest named Murata Shuko. The ceremony is called Cha-no-yu, literally meaning “hot water tea” and celebrates the beauty and mundane aspects of everyday life.  
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Few activities in general are quite as thoroughly refined and thoughtful and yet evolved through such troubled times in human history. Complicated and yet utterly simple, at once straightforward and deep, the tea ceremony in my viewpoint is  a work of art and needs a  careful hand to bring out its noblest qualities.
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Teaism was a cult founded on the adoration of the beautiful among the sordid facts of everyday existence. It inculcates purity and harmony, the mystery of mutual charity, the romanticism of the social order.

It is essentially a worship of the Imperfect, as it is a tender attempt to accomplish something possible in this impossible thing we know as life.

It is paying attention to life's small gifts that will give us the greatest joy - practice gratitude.
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Happy Father's Day!


  1. Yes, the ability to find and draw out beauty from mundane everyday existence is perhaps the most valuable art that we can and must try to master. This post is the next best thing to getting together for some moments with tea!

  2. i never thought of constructing a poem upon a foreign word. I really loved it!

  3. I loved your poem, your words were so magically passionate, it was a delight to read. This is indeed a fascinating and profound post, I shall definitely be watching that film. And, as you should mention it, I have actually attended a sort of tea ceremony. Being of Chinese descent, when my aunt married our family gathered in my grandmother's house the night before the marriage, and my aunt, her spouse, my grandmother and my grandfather all drank and passed Jasmine tea together; surrounded by their relatives. It was a beautiful gathering, one I'll never forget :)

  4. Happy Father's Day to Dads in your life.

  5. joanny, what a beautiful lesson on the art of tea making and sharing. as an american i can't think of anything that we do that is so precise, tedious and honoring as this special time. makes me want to find something to bring my loved ones together, if even in a small way.

  6. Who knew?! I feel so uncultured...yet so enlightened :) More tea please!

  7. This is a way to learn how you can make something beautiful and remarkable of something basically simple as serving a cup of tea... to learn to appreciate the simple little things is important. There are places around Paris where you can learn about this; I may be tempted to so do one day ... even more so after this post.



  9. beautiful writing and pictures as've poured a nice cup to share here.. thanks!

  10. Joanie, Mitzi,took me to Antique shops in NYC.
    also Florida and fabric shops, always looking at models of apt's. She had a pair of French Marly Horses they were by Coustou. I remember she had those tall candle sticks like in the castle.. It was a fun time.WE both loved Chintz. yvonne

  11. beauty and meaning in all that we do, indeed places our lives on a higher plane...which i fully believe we should strive to obtain.

    as always i feel so comfortable here, Ms Joanny :)

  12. This is such an enchanting post :)


    one poetry award,
    three general awards,
    Happy Tuesday!

  14. Sayonara=one of my all time favorite movies...lovely post gorgeous images!



  15. I saw this movie before, and loved it! Thanks for all the wonderful information on the tea ceremony. Beautiful pictures..

    Have a great week, Joanny!

  16. Joann-san,
    I am so happy to be meet you here at your blog, precisley at this moment for Friendship Tea Ceremony. Your poem, so beautiful.
    It was an calling.

  17. The role of ceremony is so important in our lives. A lovely fragile verse!