Monday, June 28, 2010

Abandon Love

a souls silhouette-

So rich man you think your gonna survive?
Leaving the rest of us to die.
Buy your ticket to outer space, 

watch  the rest of us spinning in space.
You measure time by your own insignificant place

Mother Earth is starting to wake 
We can feel her moving - Under our feet
Dancing but no body is watching

She is screaming in the whirlpools of abandon love,
Drowning in the pools of blood,
Crying in the dirty rain,
In the clamour of the wind and rain,
how many birds have fallen?

We have rend her garments -

Emptying out her oceans
leaving her in disgrace,
and just plain destroyed this place.

With our lust for power and greed to have ever more,
Lies and deceit riding on the backs of the poor,
leaving them to eat dirt while
using our abandon pets as live bait.

Oh all for the good life, 
for we gonna have a good time.
No ones manning spaceship earth
to busy fighting and dying
while we are spinning out of control.

 Oh sweet love divine
where do we go from here
oh sweet love  divine
where do we go from here.
You seem to have abandon this place

For why complain -

we are riding on the crest of sensation, 
oh for we all have a good life,
oh sweet love divine

Gaia is opening up the book of change
bringing  forth Uranus, in the T-squared starry sky, 
For we have abandon her now chaos sets the order of the day.
And  when the morning sun has risen -
I will walk outside this world of dust
Watching while Mother Earth sheds her garment of expression,  it  awakens the deep strata of my soul

and sets it dancing with my shadow wondering,
where we will go from here?

 Be the change that you want to see in the world.
Mohandas Gandhi 

click here for this interactive link  A Moment in Time
Here is : Earth covered by stacks of virtual photographs corresponding in location to where they were taken by Lens readers at one "Moment in Time"


  1. joanny, first off i want to let you know that i love your new profile picture!
    i enjoyed your post today and i understand the pain of watching this world go down the drain. it does look as if there is no hope. maybe i'm weird but i really do believe that each of us can make a difference, even if it doesn't feel like much!
    this was beautiful and so powerful, joanny...

  2. you look cute...
    very powerful poem.


    in case you plane to participate Rally week 24, please sign in with this link first.
    Thank you in advance!

  4. I will link in your general post...
    if you have a poem for Poets Rally, please let me know after you post.

  5. emotional words to sad but have expressed each line with deep thought and care! Nice writing..Enjoy the Rally!

  6. This was fanta-bulous. It was really deep and thought provoking.
    The absence of love is an unthinkable image that is why we must strive in our little way to fill our little corners with love. No matter how small ...we can never really tell the size cos it might be over-appreciated by the recipient...all we got to do is show.

    Great. I felt your soul in this I was having a dialogue with it.