Wednesday, June 23, 2010

La Mar - The Sensual Sea

"A Lot of People 
Attack the Sea, 
I make Love to it."
In Memory of Jacques Yves Cousteau 
June 11, 1910 -- June 25, 1997

 La Mar!
Lovers, dreamers, and me
Lured into a sensual dream of sound
Seduced by the ocean's haunting sirens
That sweet sound that calls us by name
While we drift off to that place 
The waves speak our hearts for us
Keeping cadence to the rhythm of the sea,
We journey to a place of wonder 
Where the hunger of my soul 
Is filled  by your passion
And we dance as lovers do
  in close embrace 
you holding me 
and me holding you
to the music of the sea.
Red Sail Rides----- the Crest of Sensation-----
A Taste of Freedom...
Seahorses Dance to the Sun
Ah! Inexplicable Joy
Luminous Creature
Pulsing Tendrils Caresses My Skin 
 Takes My Breath Away

"The real cure for our environmental problems is to understand that our job is to salvage Mother Nature. We are facing a formidable enemy in this field. It is the hunters... and to convince them to leave their guns on the wall is going to be very difficult."  Jacques Yves Cousteau 


mermaid oil on canvas-Nancy Norman- photo by joanny
acrylic on glass Seahorse by Susan Bates -Love Art galley - Portland photo by joanny
Brass Sea Horse by Ben Nye -Love Art galley - Portland photo by joanny
Crystal jellyfish by Geraldine Gonzalez is a former shoe designer turned sculptor. She creates luminous sculptures from crystal paper that have a sense of mystery.
Turtle -- recycled  material by Ben Nye  -Love Art galley - Portland- photo by joanny


  1. i love this tribute to the grandeur of the sea and mother earth!
    we are so lucky to live in a world that is this beautiful despite our numerous attempts to plunder and use everything up.

  2. My soul aches when I think of the tragedy that has befallen that great beauty...every day more and more oil...

    How personal this post brings this pain...
    and yet lifts up the beauty, of that great giant mass of blue...

  3. Thanks everyday goddess yes it is worth saving and savoring every moment we are alive.

  4. Dear Miss Muse

    Thank you for visiting my blog == so happy you are back I missed your wise and soulful comments. This was a tribute to Jacques Cousteau, however see my previous post called
    A Love For Life posted on June 11, 2010 that was directly aimed at this tragedy we all are facing.


  5. As we see more & more protestations from Mother Earth in the form of volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tsunami's, earthquakes,
    tornados, monsoon rains, etc. we are still unable to grasp the hideous effects of mankind.
    The oil in the Gulf may have awakened us for a moment in time. We shall see. And, 99% of the time it's all about the money.

  6. Dear Marsha

    What you say is so true, as I mentioned to Miss Muse I posted a more serious poem on June 11 called A Love for Life. There is another blog by Sam Lui a 15 year old Chinese-British Lad wise beyond his years who write a riveting poem today on his blog Called Warriors In the Oil Poem. Please stop by his blog for a powerful read -- are we really waking up yet?

  7. Dear Joanny,
    I hope people will wake up to what's going on here on our small Planet. You gave us some wonderful words..I have been a fan of Cousteau
    for a long time..yvonne

  8. Yes we lost someone who was a true lover of the sea and brought his passion to life with his adventures on the wonderful boat of his the Calypso -- the short poem I wrote on this post was about the Calypso.

  9. This is excellent, how each person interperents the sea is amazing, I love the sea living on the coast I very often walk along the edge of the oncoming tide and out my life into perspective.


  10. Hello Yvonne and welcome back to my blog once again.
    Yes it is amazing how we perceive the same ocean in as many ways as there are humans and sentient beings As we stand along the edge of all we can be and see the ocean meeting the shore.


  11. Lovely post! The sea is a great nourisher and provider -- time to stop treating her as a dumping ground.

  12. Hello,

    I read your comment, know your confusion.
    For week 23 awards, you simply display them, for celebrate poet of May award, do the same, thank those who have voted for you...

    Glad to see your poetry post.

  13. Nice! Whenever I feel sad, looking out a the ocean can always make me feel better and more at peace from within.

  14. Wow, great quote and wonderful words and images. I'm really enjoying reading through your blog.

  15. The first photo and that jellyfish are amazing! Gorgeous words and the passion they invoke :)

  16. Thanks every one for your wonderful comments -- and yes to robotcupcake I am a Portlander---

    Have a good week everyone -- would love to say I was jetting off to some beautiful sunny island with blue skies and white beaches, but alas I will be working in my garden, with a short trip to the Pacific Ocean .


  17. That was such a moving poem, you've really captured the wonder and beauty of the sea and, indeed, Nature. It pains me to think how we are rapidly destroying our amazing and only home, we need to change our ways and soon...but I hope that there is still a chance for us yet, there is still time to reconcile humanity's crimes.

  18. Yes Sam so do I -- let us all walk to the sea together with humble and forgiving hearts and make it right.


  19. I loved your post. I can sit and look at the ocean always. It does make me sad to see so many creatures being killed. Great tribute.

    Thanks for coming to visit us at 3 sisters. Winnie The Pooh is great.

    From the 3 sisters 365,
    Natasha, Stacey and Holly

  20. absolutely beautiful tribute!

  21. Your writings are really deep and demands a focus ed mind to create the imaginations that is required in painting the intended picture. Well done Friend.

  22. Joanny,
    My favorite so far, I printed this one for The Captain.