Monday, June 13, 2011

Writing that Great 21st century novel

"The notes I handle no better 
than many pianists. 
But the pauses between the notes—
ah, that is where the art resides." 
-Artur Schnabel, in Chicago Daily News, June 11, 1958.

French Connection Piano - Spring Summer 2011 
As I think about the pattern and rhythm 
of what I do I realize that I have a
lot of different selves in and out of blogging. 
I just spent the last couple of weeks
writing research papers, -- 
always the scientist, the scholar, 
the rational mind is well connected for me.
  However I also realize there is another dimension to myself that needs expression my feminine side that wants to sing and dance, 
pick flowers and getting around to writing
that great 21st century novel this year. 
Although, I have a confession as I grow--well older
I find that writing long winded research papers,
has sent both my mind and pen wandering 
and saying and writing less then more -- 
in the interlude
I found great freedom in writing poetry.   
photo credits: 1st French Connection spring summer 2011
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