Friday, June 24, 2011

Summertime - Every flower has a spirit.

If I had not gone
     in the garden
          I might have
              missed the jewels
                        within my vision
                                      calling me 
                                                 to come closer

     sensuality awakened
            to a strange seduction
                     from the heady fragrance
            by the velvet petals
                  with slender stems 
                          twisting through time,

  moving in a spiral 
         with flame imbued faces
               glowing in a crimsoned sky. 


 Photos 2,3, & 4  From artist Cecelia Webber  who creates flower and butterfly assemblages from hundreds of nude human form photographs. Cecelia’s photographic compositions can take up to two months to produce due to the complexity of finding the right pieces, for more of her art go to her website here:

photo 5 woman with orchids by Anoush Abrar

My favorite Summertime song by Janis Joplin