Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Fly away free and unfettered
On the last rays of December days less bright
 Past the grasslands, mountains and oceans

Toward the pure blue heavens and the forgiving stars,
Where our mind is eased of sorrow and pain. 
Sailing on the transport of delight
through to the deep places of creation,
Into that creative zone where time stops,
And boundaries cease to exist,
Seek there a righteous place,
To laugh and love,
sing and play.
  Even before you have come back,
I have become intoxicated,
With much joy in anticipation,
when you set
your pen to paper and write
about truth and beauty that sets us free
Come then let us celebrate and fill our cups
with the gratitude of acceptance
and the colors of peace 
for the new year.
From the corners of my mind.  

photo via tumblr images: red leaf; red dress-Anatoly Beloschin: Beatrice Woods gold luster ware cup