Friday, December 17, 2010

Et pourtant

It was in Roueu, a quaint picturesque 
old city on the river Seine, 
that I came upon this place.
It was jutting out every which way, carved delicately out of stone.
It looked abandon ----
Et pourtant
The afternoon sun and the play of light dancing on the water
Seemed to awaken it to life..
Or did my eyes deceive me?
In I stepped...
Joyeux Noel


Friday Flash 55.....hosted by g-man

Monet's painting of Rouen Cathedral; Rouen is the ancient capital of Normandy
Chateau  -Dordogne, France:
google image of girl in doorway
Italian notebook  Presepe -angel in doorway artist Mario Carotenuto

note: I changed this post -- originally it was intended for a much larger prose - so it did not make sense when I edited it down --  therefore from a few comments I revised it and removed Rodin's painting of Minerva and added the girl in the doorway and the painting by Signor Carotenuto.