Friday, October 29, 2010


with a kind of fascination
 I climbed a majestic Moonbow in the sky

till I reached the heavens. 

on the sky,
soaring above the clouds,
half swooning with terror and delight
I take my first glimpse around me, 


the night air, 
Sipping cool drops of refreshing  moonbeams.
Ah!  soothing, calming influence on the mind.

 *  * * 

woke with a start, 
out of breath, was this a dream and all in my head? 

They say Moonbows are rainbows that are a rare sight, a night time phenomena, the biggest chance you have of ever seeing a moonbow is when the moon is full (or near to full), when it’s the brightest, but there are other conditions required. The sky has to be very dark (close to black), and, of course, there must been rain falling opposite to the moon. 
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photo credits: fffound-- girl in bed Tim Walker-tumblr