Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Wind Chimes!

It was a fervent and breezy autumn morn, 
a promise of a day like no other. 
There is a restless wanderlust feeling that comes over me 
which leaves me longing for a change. 
Arise my love and come away for lo, the summer is past, 
and the craggy hands of fall, seduces us anew.
My love takes my hand and we walk 
silently through the forest of passion and blend
in with the ancient oaks almost rendering us invisible. 
In the hush, we can hear the wind blowing through
the trees and watch as the leaves fall softly to the ground;
they look like glittering butterflies, 
caught in topaz-hued blades of grass. 
Leaves sent scurrying down the path before the wind
is blowing through my hair. 
I am being teased by the wind 
that has it's hand stirring my soul, 
and moves over my skin like the hands of my lover
Like the leaves my defenses is falling to the ground.
The wind chimes through the tree tops like a lonely musician, 
capturing the notes of composition, 
and the leaves play the winds symphony.
Bonfires flame on hilltops, 
their embers snapping and sparkling in the hazy sky,
could there not be a more perfect autumn day?
photos: lake como,  all images on tumblr, #5 rodney smith on tumblr