Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Painter!

. . .”ripe grapes over-flow. . .
bright green apples and violet-red apples are mingled  .. ."  
Gauguin's Intimate Journals - By Paul Gauguin
I watched as the sun awakened a new day to  life,
making it a glorious time
to take a morning stroll along the Seine, 
when out of the blue, there you were, 
a handsome man with a beret upon his head. 
“bonjour, veuillez venir s'asseyent 
près de moi, il a dit que je suis un artiste.” 
Then he began to paint, effortlessly,
with a confident hand, 
a great flourish of lavish brush strokes
of color began to fill the blank white canvas,
with beauty and agility unsurpassed. 
He piled layer upon layer of luminosity, 
a visual delight of warmth, beauty and surprise.
Mesmerized by the rhythmic waves of his hand
and through the swirls of paint
an image began to appear. 
He then spoke softly to me almost a whisper, 
I use paint that you cannot buy in stores. 
Nor do I  paint exactly what is, 
but more the way I image life to be, 
I make no apologies for that, mon joli.
 As he skillfully maneuvers the paint onto paper
the painting begins to take on a life of its own, 
out of the multi-layered splendor an indescribable 
feeling literally comes over me
I know not how to describe my emotions, 
for they were filled with joie de vivre,
an exhilaration of wonder, and awe.
The painting was me in a different time and place
A place that I have never seen before,
but in my heart knew 
I would be there somehow someday. 
At that moment when I looked up
to say to this handsome stranger, 
“Est-ce que Monsieur comment
je vous remercie, comment je rembourse ?” 
he was gone!
 Let The Magic Begin!
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