Thursday, June 17, 2010

Naked Thursday!

Naked Thursday
Lay Bare the Soul
Reveal Reality - Reveal Ourselves
Poisoned Heart 
Love Heals
A Taste Unknown
 Maxfield Parrish
Sun at Night
Lying in the Dark
Lovers Dreams Fade 
Shooting Stars
Piercing the Heart 
Stardust in my Head 
Sense of Grief
Impossible Truth
Fly Away Love Free
Courage to Fly
Dare Experience
A Heart Set Free

tulip stairs Queens House Greenwich 

Art - Life 
Discovery Awe
Rises Up 
Fire in the Belly
Spark by Irreplaceable Spark

Gustav Kilmt

Come to Me 
When I'm Asleep
I'll Be There
Dragon Dreams
Thought, Possibility, Actuality
Myth Becomes Reality
Gustav Klimt- The Kiss
Chance Encounters
Love dares you
Don't sell the Dream
Faceless Lovers
Shiver at the Sight of You
Starry Eyed
Maxfield Parrish 

Dance on the Wind
Slide down a Rainbow
On a day like today
Sail Away --Sail Away
to a place
Fresh and Deep as Oceans New
The Most Trust-worthy Poet Award

The Most Respectful Poet Award

The Most Romantic Poet Award
I give You All Three Awards from above, hope that these awards lift up your spirits and keep you on track as outstanding poets who lead, give, and shine! Cheers!
Be proud of yourself!
Thanks Jingle for these lovely awards-- 
You too -- Deserve an Award for your
caring heart...